Cult Actress Delores Faith Was “Damaged Goods!” My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Week One Actress Took “The Hard Road!” Cult “Precautionary” Tales Of Sin!

“Dares To Explain What Mothers And Fathers Can’t!”

First, there is SO MUCH to love about this poster – like that line, and what about the star?

I am doing a weekly feature in 2020 – a “Sex Kitten Countdown” of 52 cult movie stars who may not have gotten the attention they deserve!

Remember, a “sex kitten” is:

“a young woman who asserts or exploits her sexual attractiveness.”

Each week, I’m going to highlight an Actress who does just that!

Meet Delores Faith!

As the poster says, the movie features my week one choice: the exciting new star Delores Faith – You Read About Her In LIFE Magazine!

Dolores Faith is best remembered as the mute girl Zetha in the science fiction film “The Phantom Planet”, a “B” movie that had a nice run in theaters at the time…

However, fans of Something Weird Video may have caught her in the cautionary classic that is “Damaged Goods” – a provocative expose that was a scandal at the time and cemented her place as one of exploitation’s great sex kittens!

“Damaged Goods” was also known as “V.D.” – and since it was released in 1961, had to resort to provocative words to make up for what it couldn’t show!

First, here’s the hilarious trailer, thanks to Something Weird Video:

Talk about retro – and yes, sharing a hot dog was meant to evoke exactly what you think! Here’s the plot:

A high school track star’s wedding plans are capsized by venereal disease and a bad, beautiful new girl in town. His coach and a physician steer him into the light again.

Delores Faith was a beauty to be sure, but this film hasn’t been treated as well – it has been recut many times and included in a number of “Sex Hygiene Scare Film” compilations as well!

And what of Faith? While she appeared in a few more films and some TV shows as well in the 60’s, her brief career ended when she married millionaire James Robert Neal.

Sadly, she died in 1990…

My weekly “Sex Kitten Countdown” is designed to spotlight great Actresses from the cult movie era who may not get as much attention as they deserve…for example, I only found this movie when a friend posted this photo on a Facebook movie page – so I had to find out what “The Hard Road” was all about:

It turns out, “The Hard Road” was part of a home video double bill along with “Damaged Good” – thanks to SomethingWeird Video:

So of course, I had to see who was in each movie – which led me to Connie Nelson as well:

Yes, that is one retro bra!

Nelson made her movie debut in “The Hard Road”, playing a young woman who goes astray…

IMDB has this great synopsis:

At 17, Sherman Oaks high schooler Pam Banner has a baby out of wedlock. The baby is adopted, but Pam’s too embarrassed to go back to school, so her dad gets her a job as the receptionist for a talent agent. A rock star takes her to a party, seduces and abandons her; that starts a spiral of partying, free love, and drug use.

These films both showcase all of the evils of the adult world, promising a cautionary tale while showcasing as much sleaze as they could get away with at the time!

I found a terrific article all about the movie, which you can see here:

These early sex shockers couldn’t show much, but they insinuated a LOT:

“The Film That Goes Too Far!”

In those days, the poster was usually much dirtier than what was actually shown in the film…you can see more classic early cult gems by clicking on my story here:

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Leave me a comment with your ideas for my “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown”, and if you’ve seen Delores Faith in “Damaged Goods!”

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  1. I like these features on the sex kittens I had never heard of, John. The trailers seem so tame now, but must have been scandalous at the time. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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