Rosemarie Lindt And The Girls Shock “Emanuelle And Francoise!” Joe D’Amato’s Euro-sleaze Classic Has A Great Blu-Ray Release!

Looking For Some Classic Euro-Sleaze?

This poster would’ve gotten my attention in 1975, and now, thanks to the great folks at Severin Films, I got the chance to experience this euro-sleaze classic at home!

“Emanuelle And Franchoise” is the 1975 shocker that Severin Films recently released in a terrific remastered blu-ray. As a lover of cult film, I’ve enjoyed discovering many classic films that are being re-released now, and this one was a terrific find.

Cult Movie Queen Rosemarie Lindt stars – and she had a terrific career in the 70’s!

Here’s a “two-fer” trailer from Severin – it includes a sneak peek at “E & F”, but also has clips from another film they released as well:

Here’s the plot:

Rosemarie Lindt, of “Salon Kitty” notoriety, stars as Emanuelle — a woman out for revenge against the man who betrayed her sister.

You see, George Eastman isn’t a very nice boyfriend at all, so Emanuelle’s revenge is deliciously evil: this film pulls out all the stops of depravity: torture, cannibalism, orgies, and meat cleavers too!

The look and feel of the movie is pure ’70s “Eurosleaze” — with Eastern European exteriors that have a layer of grit, and interiors that look like a rundown hotel in Prague. And that’s a compliment!

The atmosphere adds to the sense of dread that star George Eastman feels as his fling with Emanuelle quickly turns into something more sinister – and he discovers her plot against him – but not before a lot of sex!

What impressed me most about the film is director D’Amato’s willingness to try anything: some of the scenes are outrageous, yet he plays them straight, so we are as surprised as Eastman is when a lot of naked women appear.

There are times in the film when the viewer isn’t sure what’s real and what’s an illusion – like the orgy scene!


That factors into the plot, as Eastman’s hold on reality becomes more and more tenuous as Emanuelle tightens the screws…literally!

The Severin blu-ray release is terrific – look at some of the extras offered:

I have a healthy collection of ’70s grindhouse fare, but very little of D’Amato’s work. Eastman and D’Amato worked on other films as well. Based on what was on display here, I will be diving into the deep end of his cinematic pool again!

I bought this film in 2019, and had a blast with it – the extras are a terrific way to get a better appreciation of it!

While the lead character in the film is named Emanuelle, it wasn’t THAT “Emanuelle” – although legendary Eurosleaze director Joe D’Amato would make an EMANUELLE film the following year with Laura Gemser.

I took an in-depth look at this classic as well, and you can see the trailer and lots of revealing pics by clicking on my story here:

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5 replies

  1. This looks like a forgotten sleaze classic, John. I have only ever seen the original ‘Emanuelle’, but would certainly watch this one.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • This is very interesting Pete…worth finding…I have been pleasantly surprised at how many films like this have shown up on Amazon or Netflix…not sure about this one, but 70’s cult films have some life on those streaming services!

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  2. Just looks like more poorly filmed nudity! Who wants to see a group of naked women writhing around at a man’s feet but with the camera filming it from his head? Get down and dirty with the women for christ’s sake.Pointless, but if that’s what floats your boat………….

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  1. Here’s “Emmanuelle!” Sylvia Kristel’s “Private Lessons” Are My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Curriculum! – JR-Sploitation!

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