Behold Mathilda May In “Lifeforce”! I Can’t Stop Watching This “Amazingly Naked” 80’s Sci-Fi Horror Cult Classic!

My Love Affair With Mathilda May Continues!

It’s my favorite sci-fi film ever, and for one reason – because Mathilda May is mesmerizing – let’s take a look!

Where To Begin?

We are gathered to discuss the majesty of “Lifeforce.”

A movie with SO MUCH to discuss.

Remember this classic movie line?

“The web of destiny carries your blood and soul back to the genesis of my lifeform.”

Lifeforce movie

Or about this one?

“Don’t worry. A naked girl is not going to get out of this complex.”

Lifeforce movie

Well, don’t be so sure – THIS NAKED LADY seems unstoppable – or at least “undressable” in this classic 80’s cult sci-fi horror gem!

lifeforce movie nudity

Time to celebrate one of the 80’s great cult films – the classic zombie horror and monumentally NUDE sci-fi movie “Lifeforce!”


Bravo Director Tobe Hooper!

Director Tobe Hooper burst onto the horror film scene a few years earlier with what many consider to be the most unsettling horror film ever made: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”


A few years later, Hooper really scored with the smash box office hit “Poltergeist”.


So, once he decided that the horror novel “The Space Vampires” would be his next movie, it seemed like a smash hit in the making…here is the film’s original trailer…

Here’s the plot of “Lifeforce”:

A space shuttle mission investigating Haley’s Comet brings back a malevolent race of space vampires who transform most of London’s population into zombies.

Lifeforce zombies

The only survivor of the expedition – along British authorities – attempt to capture a mysterious but beautiful alien woman who appears responsible for the mayhem. She is, as you will see, extremely naked for most of the film…

lifeforce nudity

Here is a quote from the movie, something that is rarely said in the film:

“Now she has clothes.”

Or not!

Because, in fact, she NEVER HAS CLOTHES ON. This movie is amazingly naked!

“Lifeforce” stars French Actress Mathilda May, who was willing to bare all for this role! As wikipedia notes about the film:

“she is naked for most of her performance.”

And she sure is!

Lifeforce movie nudity

“Lifeforce” was promoted and filmed under the title “The Space Vampires”, which was the title of Colin Wilson’s novel. Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus’ Cannon Films reportedly spend nearly $25 million in hopes of creating a full blown blockbuster. They felt that this title made it sound like a typical Cannon low budget exploitation film – which was a reputation they were trying to put behind them…

lifeforce movie monster

The title was changed from “Space Vampires” to “Lifeforce” – and a decision was made to pull back on Hooper’s amazing amount of nudity – so “Lifeforce” was released in the United States in an edited version…and you know what happened, of course – BOMBS AWAY!

“Lifeforce” didn’t even bring in half of its original budget. How could a movie with SO MUCH NUDITY flop so badly?

lifeforce movie nudity

The film seemed to have it all: sci-fi action and effects, zombies AND naked women! And of course, dialogue like this:

Colonel Colin Caine: Tell me again how the girl overpowered you.

Dr. Bukovsky: She… was the most overwhelmingly feminine presence I have ever encountered. I was drawn to her on a level…

Colonel Colin Caine: Was it sexual?

Dr. Bukovsky: Yes. Overwhelmingly so, and horrible. Loss of control.”

Loss Of Control, Indeed…

The film wasn’t particularly well-reviewed, but with the filmmaker attached, the sci-fi elements and the nudity, it seemed to have big box office written all over it…now is your chance to re-discover this classic cult movie, as “Lifeforce” is being released on blu-ray with a ton of extras…

Here’s what you get:

Theatrical and International Versions (the Blu-ray features both cuts, the DVD only includes the international)
New Audio Commentary with Director Tobe Hooper
New Cast & Crew Retrospective with Railsback, Hooper and others
Original “Making-Of Lifeforce” Vintage Featurette
Original Theatrical Trailer
Original TV Spot
Stills Gallery
Reversible Cover with Original Theatrical Key Art

I bought it and love it!


I own the blu-ray and have watched the film twice already! It’s a cult classic from the 80’s – one of the last great Grindhouse films!

Speaking of great cult films:

“The Centerfold Girls” is a GREAT exploitation film, starring the Cult Movie Queen Tiffany Bolling!

Bolling retired from the business in the late 90’s, but these films live on, and you can see the trailer by clicking on my story here:

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Bravo to Actress Mathilda May for giving us such a raw performance. Let me know if you’ve seen “Lifeforce!”

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13 replies

  1. Interesting that you should feature this film, John.
    Some time ago, chuq ( blog) recommended this to me as a cult classic. I had never heard of it, so bought a second-hand copy from Amazon for just £3. But I still haven’t got around to watching it. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Very Nice!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When I watched this movie for the first time several years ago, I immediately fell in love with Mathilda. She was the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. She still is.

    Thanks for this little homage.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. After watching life force about a dozen times I finally gave in and gave it away, but I thought the movie wasn’t that bad considering the time it was produced, but I do know there will never be another movie like it.
    So, if there’s any bad reviews so what.
    I gave the movie a 8..of 10…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree that we won’t be seeing a film like that again! It seemed to embrace its cheesy special effects and rampant nudity – a perfect drive-in film! Thanks for commenting, great to hear from you!



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