The Iconic Sex Kitten Mamie Van Doren! Hollywood’s “Untamed” Sex Symbol! Mamie’s Greatest Hits Keep Coming!

Hollywood sex kittens

“I don’t even want to say double-D, because they’re even bigger than that.”

And with that quote, an Icon is born!

legendary sex kittens

Time To Celebrate One Of Hollywood’s Most Iconic Sex Kittens!

Mamie Van Doren is a Hollywood survivor. She is also one of the town’s most legendary entertainers, and here’s why!

Mamie was one of Hollywood’s earliest sex symbols, and she’s never given up the title.

Time to look at this legendary Sex Kitten’s incredible career!

Mamie Van Doren-1959

“Untamed” Mamie Van Doren!

Van Doren has been in a number of classic cult movies, and is perhaps best remembered for bringing the rock ‘n’ roll-style of music alive in the B-musical “Untamed Youth” (1957)!

Here is the classic trailer – and tell me they didn’t know what they were selling when they used the word “throbbing!”

Some of Van Doren’s more noteworthy movies include “Teacher’s Pet”, “Born Reckless”, “High School Confidential” and “The Beat Generation”!

Van Doren was also in Playboy in those early years:

But Van Doren was just as well known for her provocative roles, in a classic series of “sex kitten” performances that made her every man’s fantasy.

classic Hollywood sex kittens

“Girls Who Grow Up Too Fast!”

Yes, that is the provocative headline in the trailer for “Girls Town” from 1959, which provoked censors with a shower scene where audiences could see Van Doren’s naked back! Here is the trailer:


“Sex Kittens Go to College!”

Look at the words on that poster! This 1960 film cemented Van Doren’s reputation as a “girl gone wild!”


“Fun With The Student Body!”

This was a time when Hollywood was trying to “spice up” the movies without running afoul of stringent censorship laws…and a beautiful, aggressive woman was just the ticket…

sex magazine mamie-van-doren

The Sex Kitten Years!

Van Doren used her popularity to branch out into other areas as well, including being one of the most popular pin-up models of the 60’s:

As the sexual revolution raged at the end of the 60’s, actresses like Van Doren took full advantage by appearing in a number of men’s magazines…

naked sex symbols

She posed twice for Playboy in 1963 to promote her movie “3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt”, and became a legend with this quote:

“I don’t even want to say double-D, because they’re even bigger than that.”

mamievandoren sex

Read Her Version Of Events!

This iconic sex symbol has survived Hollywood and released her autobiography, “Playing the Field” in 1987.

Mamie Van Doren Screen Legend Mamie Van Doren launches Mamietage Wine held at Eleven Restaurant - Arrivals West Hollywood, California - 14.11.07 Credit: (Mandatory): Dimitri Halkidis / WENN

Mamie Van Doren
Screen Legend Mamie Van Doren launches Mamietage Wine
held at Eleven Restaurant – Arrivals
West Hollywood, California – 14.11.07
Credit: (Mandatory): Dimitri Halkidis / WENN

Van Doren is just as provocative today!  She’s very active on Facebook and Twitter, and her husband Thomas maintains her website where various merchandise and movies are available – so “follow” her here!

legendary sex kittens

Of course, Van Doren is not Hollywood’s ONLY sex kitten to have a long and commercially successful career:

Yes, Raquel Welch was one of Hollywood’s greatest “sex kittens” as well, but also has a number of GREAT films!

Click here to see more great photos and film clips of Raquel:

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Bravo to Mamie Van Doren on being a Hollywood Icon!

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  1. Well done to Mamie for surviving the industry, and still being active to this day. She was such a great example of those ‘blonde-bombshell’ pin-ups of my youth!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Out of the plethora of blondes made to be made up to be the RC Cola to Marilyn Monroe’s Coca-Cola, I greatly prefer Mamie over the rest of the pack. All of the beauty, but sharper and less sweet.

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  3. Great job as always! This sweet lady actually responds on Facebook! Love her! B/t/w have you seen the cut of her striptease routine on YouTube? A wonderful dancer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for sharing that, I’m going to look it up! She is very active which I love because she is a legend and I don’t think enough people know that! Great having you onboard the discussion of cult cinema!


  4. Oops! I forgot what my handle was on WordPress. In the outside world I’m Dale Ealey.

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