Meet “Gun Woman” Asami! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Goes From “Gravure Idol” To “Machine Girl” Legend!


Meet The Face Of “J-Sploitation!”

One of the world’s wildest genres of film features one of the world’s most popular Actresses…and my “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” highlights Asami – one of the busiest, and most successful “J-sploitation” stars of them all!

Asami-the machine-girl

Meet Asami – J-Sploitation’s Cult Movie Queen!

Asami Sugiura is one of Japan’s most popular – and busiest stars, with some of the wildest cinema you will ever see!

Asami has made some terrific films, including a wild wild film I will get to soon! Here’s her story!

In the early part of her career, she performed under the singular name Asami as a “Gravure Idol”!

Asami Gravure model

What’s A “Gravure Idol?”

In Japan, the phrase “Gravure Idol” refers to a model who primarily appears in magazines marketed to men. Gravure idols, in most cases, emphasize their sexual attractiveness…wearing skimpy clothes and smelling seductively…it’s a unique aspect of Japanese culture…

Beyond her work as a “Gravure Idol”, Asami achieved “J-Sploitation” notoriety for her starring roles in a number of great Japanese exploitation films – like this classic of the genre:


The Machine Girl!

This is one aggressively entertaining movie! Asami starred with Minase Yashiro, who was “The Machine Girl” – a young woman brutalized by the mob in Japan…with her friend Asami’s help, they get bloody revenge!

Get ready to have your eyeballs sucked out of your moviegoing head when you see this trailer!


Welcome To The World Of “J-Sploitation!”

This is an insane – and insanely entertaining – type of film you have to see to believe! The Japanese exploitation genre known as “J-Sploitation” follows exploitation rules closely: women put in dangerous situations, but they always come out on top! Oh, and there is a lot of action, nudity, and blood!

Asami japanese actress nude


“The Machine Girl” has an over-the-top vibe, and Asami has the chance to kick lots of ass in the film! Any movie that involves revenge, Ninjas AND fried food as a weapon of destruction is right up my alley!

Asami’s film credits are full of classic “j-sploitation” cinema…each one seemingly intent on out-grossing the one before…there are a lot of great ones, but this is one of my favorites!


Behold the “Citizen Kane” of killer sushi movies!

“Dead Sushi”is a “Japanese splatter action comedy” about “flying killer sushi monsters,” and it’s on blu-ray for you to enjoy!


“Dead Sushi” stars Japanese Actress Rina Takeda along with Asami – and is chock full of outrageous moments…check out the trailer!


classic sexploitation japan

Asami has a blast in this film – and yes, if you are noticing a trend, that’s because these movies all adhere to a very specific style and tone – but that’s why they work so well!

Here are a few more classic “J-sploitation” films starring Asami:



zombie ass movie

Yes, Asami has machine gun breasts in “RoboGeisha”!

Some of Asami’s more adult films, however, are much rougher and no laughing matter…

Asami Prison Girl x-rated movie

Asami three slave women movie

Asami also has acted in a number of “pink” films – a specific category of japanese sexploitation film, which have more erotic content and nudity. She starred in “Female Prisoner Ayaka” and also “Three Slave Women” – which won Asami a Best Actress award in Japan.


Meet Asami’s “Gun Woman!”

One of Asami’s most recent films is “Gun Woman” from 2014, which is as crazy as anything she has done!

Check out the trailer:

Asami Gun Woman movie

Here is the plot in a nutshell: A Doctor seeking revenge trains a young woman to become an Assassin – with all of her weapons embedded inside her! What else do you need to know?

best jsploitaiton movie asami

This film has lots of nudity and violence. The doctor concocts a plan for Asami to crash a party. Gun parts have been implanted in her body. Once inside, she must go on her killing mission by tearing her sutures, retrieving the parts and assembling the gun before bleeding to death!


Of course, that means she spends much of the film completely naked, covered in blood, and engaged in a brutal battle to the death!

All of these films can be found now on DVD or Blu-ray, so there is no excuse NOT to try out some of the wildest movies ever made – and bravo to Asami for her terrific work!

Asian cult cinema is some of the most original and inventive exploitation there is….remember this classic?

Reiko Ike and Christina Lindberg star in this 70’s classic, mostly wearing nothing but swords!

Click here to see more about this legendary cult film:

Of course, I have been covering many of cult cinema’s greatest Movie Queens, but one is by far the most popular I have shared:

Uschi Digard is an Icon, and you all love seeing her credits…click here for some of her most revealing performances:

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Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve experienced the wacky world of “J-sploitation!”


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  1. First off, thanks for showing us Uschi again!
    The trailers are great. That ‘Drill Bra’ is a whole new take on The Bionic Woman. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Just watched Dead Sushi on YouTube. Fun movie. Though best part is at the 1:02:00 mark when a guy hiding from a monster in a bath house watches a hot naked woman wash her hair. Totally gratuitous and totally awesome. I don’t care what people say, gratuitous nudity is the best nudity. 😄

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  3. Just watched Reiko Ike’s swordfight scene from Sex and Fury again online. They did an admiral job (dammit) of making sure her pubic area wasn’t visible. But makes me wonder how much great footage they shot that wasn’t used and which producer kept it for his “private collection. Now that’s the type of stuff I’d love to see on a Blu-Ray release.

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