British Bombshell Felicity Devonshire! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has A Wildly Successful Star Offscreen As Well!

The Wildly Successful Career Of Felicity Devonshire!

Here’s a “feel good” story: it’s the tale of a terrific Cult Movie Queen who has been phenomenally successful beyond her film career as well!

Celebrating Felicity Devonshire!

My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of a great Actress with much more of a story to tell! Let’s get to it!

Felicity Devonshire was born on May 29, 1949 in London – and has a fascinating career both on and off-screen!

Felicity got her start as a Model, appearing in the British newspaper The Sun as an iconic “Page 3” girl in the early 1970s as well as many other magazines.

In 1971, Felicity appeared in a wacky film with an equally wacky title:

The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins!

As the terrific film website IMDB describes it:

This early Seventies British comedy takes us through seven short stories based on the Seven Deadly Sins. This film is a montage of different styles, from Spike Milligan’s mainly silent “Sloth”, to the leering Harry H Corbett in “Lust”.

Check out the vintage trailer:

“What’s Up Nurse?”

Felicity was also in this British sex comedy about the saucy adventures of a young Doctor…Devonshire appeared a number of British sex romps in the 70’s…

Among the other films Devonshire appeared in are the British sex comedy “Secrets Of A Door To Door Salesman” – and she bared all in “Intimate Games”:

“Intimate Games” told the story of a psychology teacher who assigns his university class a project about personal fantasies – which we of course get to see!

As you can see, Felicity was in a number of classic 70’s sexploitation.

“Girls Come First” and “The Over-Amorous Artist” show that she had a great sense of humor and wasn’t shy about her sexuality!

Finally, Felicity starred in Director Ken Russell’s wildly over the top film musical about the mad composer Franz Liszt called “Lisztomania!”

So, Felicity Devonshire had a great career in film – but I told you there was much more to the story!

Felicity actually founded a company called “Devonshire Investment Holdings” in 2003. Based on some very savvy property investments, according to IMDB she is ranked #1794 on The Times’ 2008 rich list and estimated to be worth in the region of 40 million!

Bravo to Devonshire for her great film work – and her successful business as well!

The “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” is my way to celebrate Cult Movie Queens who have given us to much to enjoy in the world of exploitation cinema…including many who you may not have known:

Helli Louise starred in a number of great 70’s cult films – click here to see more great photos!

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Leave me a comment and let me know if you enjoyed any of Felicity Devonshire’s movies!

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  1. There’s not a part of her body I wouldn’t lick. Not now, but back in the 70’s.


  2. Many of those films are awful. But well done to her for using her brain, and ending up rich!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Isn’t that Anna Bergman with the pool cue?

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