The Wild, Dangerous Story Of Cult Actress Pat Barrington! #Deucember Has Her “Orgy Of The Dead!”

The Mysterious Life Of Cult Film Actress Pat Barrington!

Any time I watch an exploitation film from the 60’s or 70’s, I always come across someone who I want to know more about…

Pat Barrington is one of those people, and I got MUCH more than I expected. This story involves a mobster, a murder and a golden orgy too!

The Tragic Story Of “Golden Girl” Pat Barrington!

Pat Barrington was a stunningly beautiful Actress, Pinup Model and Exotic Dancer with a fascinating and sad personal life.

Barrington’s iconic exploitation movie moment came as the female lead in the 1965 nudie gem “Orgy of the Dead” – a wacky film where a group of people are “captured” by an evil Count – played by the camp TV personality “Criswell” – and are forced to dance!

After a very short setup, the entire film becomes a series of exotic dances – some sort of way to raise the spirits of the dead or something, and Pat’s is the most memorable, because she does hers as the nude “gold girl!”

From The Mind Of Ed Wood!

“Orgy Of The Dead” was written by Ed Wood, but directed by A.S. Stephen, who also made “Fugitive Girls.” It was recently released on a special edition blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome.

The film is nothing more than long strip routines, but Pat’s was a classic!

Barrington was featured in a number of films around this time, and had the lead role as a bored housewife who works as a high-priced call girl in the 1966 film “The Agony Of Love.”

Most of Pat’s career was in supporting role in films like “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” in 1967 and 1969’s “Sisters in Leather!”

Happily “Topless!”

Barrington bared all in “The Satanist” in 1968, and also showed off her assets in the Russ Meyer documentary “Mondo Topless” from 1966.

Unfortunately, Barrington’s movie career never really took off, and she returned to exotic dancing and photography among a number of other efforts to make a living.

Sadly, Barrington died from lung cancer at age 74 in 2014 – but her legacy lives on thanks to some terrific reporting!

The story of Pat Barrington’s life is fascinating, and the great website The Rialto Report has the entire story:

Pat had a very complicated life, and she was involved with some very shady characters.

The Rialto Report digs into the whole story with a terrific story AND podcast, which you can find at their terrific website:

This website is dynamite, with great stories about the adult film industry int he 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, with terrific interviews and biographies of some of the best stars of that era.

The website has a terrific story about another one of my favorites from this era:

The Mystery Of Laura Cannon!

Laura Cannon was absolutely gorgeous, mesmerizing on screen, and her career was also shrouded in mystery:

You can read all about her films and more by clicking on my story about her here:

Another terrific Rialto Report interview was with this great cult movie Queen:

Sharon Kelly was in a number of great films, and she candidly discusses moving from soft to hard core movies…a great, honest interview…you can see more of Kelly’s revealing work here:

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Be sure the check out “The Rialto Report” for great stories about the history of the adult movie scene…terrific!

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  1. I saw ‘Mondo Topless’ ages ago. I notice from the film poster that she is credited as ‘Pat Barringer’. Pat had a very late 50s look about her, and her boobs were amazing. Sad to hear she died quite young.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Yes It was I that had contacted you about Camille Grants death for that is what she was going by. She was my neighbor for over ten years and said nothing about her life. Her boy friend had a lot of her stuff along with some beautiful photos of her. I have a few of her things some consume jewelry and some some older beaded dresses. Her boyfriend and her were both hoarders. It is horrible that most of the items are forever gone for he just passed away also. May they both rest in peace. I wish I had spoken to her about her past it would have been a treasure. She was always rescuing the stray cats.

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