The Psychodelic Madness Of “Mantis In Lace!” She Loved Men – To Death!

Ready For A Pschodelic Shocker?

Of course you are!

It was a time of “free love” and “Dropping ACID – a psychodelic world of sex and sin – and of course, mayhem! And one woman took advantage, because she loved men – TO DEATH!

Mantis In Lace – 1968

She loved them…and loved them…and loved them…TO DEATH!


“Mantis In Lace” is a great example of the exploitation genre taking advantage of relaxed obscenity laws, by showing what had only usually been hinted at before:


Here’s the plot: “Lila” (played by Susan Stewart) is a good-natured go-go dancer who strips at a seedy topless bar on the Sunset Strip. After ingesting LSD, Lila becomes a psychopathic serial killer!

Check out the trailer for the film, also released as “Lila”:

Read This Carefully!

Now listen to how crazy this plot gets: she continues to pick up men at the bar where she is employed, but after her sanity is lost she routinely is interrupted mid-coitus by psychedelic bad trips in which she visualizes a balding, half-naked old man clutching wads of cash in one hand and a bunch of bananas in the other.

Yes, you read that right!

These psychotic episodes cause her to murder her partners by stabbing them with a screwdriver and dismembering them with a rusty meat cleaver (or in one case, a garden hoe) while imagining that she is cutting up cantaloupes and watermelons!

This wacky gem is from Sexploitation Producer Harry Novak, so you know it’s gonna be down and dirty in the best way!

After all, he was the mastermind behind films like this:

Yes, he really knew how to sell a movie! See more of his crazy exploitation cinema by clicking on my story here:

One of the funniest things about “Mantis In Lace” is this photo I found:

Look at this! President Obama and VP Biden stopped by a sandwich shop once, and look what’s on the wall behind them!

And look who else is in the film: Pat Barrington does a wild topless dance in the film – one of her many provocative film appearances!

You can see more of Pat’s great work, and find out about her tumultuous private life, by clicking here:

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  1. That sounds like such a ‘trippy’ film, John. Very much of its time, I suppose.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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