Tiffany Bolling’s 70’s Sexploitation Gem “The Centerfold Girls!” A “Killer” Fan Of Pinup Girls!

Who Wants To See “The Centerfold Girls?”

The answer: Wee all do! They were the world’s most beautiful women, and everyone desired them – except for one man:

“He was their Judge…Jury…and EXECUTIONER!”

Gorgeous women being hunted down – until one fights back!

With that, let’s take a look at the 1974 sexploitation thriller!

Check out the trailer:

Here’s the plot: enter the world of the “Centerfold.” Beautiful women who bare all for fame. Tiffany Bolling is one of the models who discovers that she has more than a “Secret” admirer!

Yes, there’s a killer on the loose, preying on them one at a time!

You see, a depraved religious fanatic sets out to punish all these “immoral” women – once they take it off he hunts them down!

centerfold girls exploitation

All of the dead Models were centerfolds for a popular men’s magazine, and police realize they are being preyed upon by a bloodthirsty psychotic with a straight razor – played with a frenzied relish by Andrew Prine!

centerfold girls movie

This was a thriller that actually had strong performances and an interesting plot – a well done slasher film that follows a traditional pattern at first:

There is plenty of nudity and violence in the film as the Psychopath hunts down his prey.

At one point however, the women fight back, led by the terrific cult Movie Queen Tiffany Bolling!

Bolling goes from sex kitten to empowered fighter – and it turns the film upside down at the end!

“The Centerfold Girls” is a gritty, sleazy 70’s thriller, and worth a watch!

Bolling was, of course, a real life centerfold at the time – one of the more popular sex kittens of the 70’s…I took a look at some of her most revealing roles, and the one she regretted making – click here to see it:

Many of the stars I cover on this website have a long history as centerfolds:

Sex Kitten Fiona Richmond was a centerfold model in the UK, and she starred in a number of wild films as well – see more provocative photos here:

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  1. I remmber seing this film on a VHS rental. It was actually better than I expected, as they made some genuine effort to construct it as a crime thriller.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Weird slasher! Andrew Prine made lots of crazy stuff, but this one has to be one of his strangest movies. The last section of the film is bonkers! 😉

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  3. I’m looking @ Tiffany Bolling nude picture. Are her nipples airbrushed out?



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