Grindhouse Purgatory Magazine’s Incredible Sid Haig Memorial Issue Is Here! Click Here For Details To Buy!

Grindhouse Purgatory’s Incredible Sid Haig Tribute Is Here!

I am so excited to share information about the tribute that Grindhouse Purgatory Magazine has just published – and how you can buy it!

A Movie Icon!

Sid Haig was an iconic cult movie star – he acted in dozens and dozens of films and TV shows throughout his lengthy career.

Haig died suddenly last September at the age of 80 – and cult movie fans were stunned by the news.

If you want to celebrate Sid Haig’s career, then you need to buy a copy – NOW! The best way to support Pete Chiarella and Grindhouse Purgatory Magazine is to reach out here – send an email and you’ll get details on how to buy:

I was excited to participate, sharing a look at a great action film from the early 70’s:

Elliot Gould and Robert Blake starred as two renegade cops who are trying to bring down an LA Mobster, and Sid was his bodyguard!

I shared a review of the film and a few of Sid’s great moments in the film, because that’s what he did: leave his mark in parts big and small – a career that lasted decades:

Spider Baby!

This cult 1967 gem starred Jill Banner, Lon Chaney Jr. and Sid Haig in a twisted tale of a demented family!

“Spider Baby” is a very entertaining movie.

If you want to see more about this cult film, here is a link to take a look at the movie, meet young star Jill Banner and read about her tragic story – click here:

Haig showed up in a ton of great cult films in the 70’s:

Black Mama White Mama!

Yes, Sid was one of the bad guys tracking down Pam Grier and Margaret Markov in this classic “Women In Prison” film:

This is a great exploitation film – lots of nudity, action, and Sid!

Click here if you want to see the trailer and lots of pictures of Pam and Margaret showering in jail:

As I said, Sid appeared in so many great movies and TV shows…make sure to get this incredible magazine to see them all!

Again, send an email to the magazine here for details:

RIP Sid Haig!

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  1. Nice tribute, John. Sid had a long career, and many fans.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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