Peggy Church! The X-Rated “All American Girl”! Why Did She Disappear?

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Cult Movie Queen Peggy Church!

I love finding classic cult films from the 70’s, and am always interested in reading more about the stars who appeared in them…but in this case, it led to a mystery I haven’t found an answer for!

“A Touch Of Sweden”

It all started when I came across this poster. I never heard of this 1971 slice of euro-sleaze, but do you see who the star was?

Uschi Digard – although spelled DIGART here, is one of cult cinema’s superstars…she made dozens and dozens of films, always willing to showcase her assets:

If you haven’t seen more of her work, check out my celebration of all of her biggest hits here:

I was curious who else was in the film, which led me to Peggy Church – a very brief bio says she was born in Virginia in 1954, lists a few credits and that’s it – but in looking more I found that she had a wild cult movie career!

So who was Peggy Church? Well, I found that she acted in a number of cult gems for a short period of time in the early 70’s, like this one:

“The Big Snatch!”

This gritty 1971 film told a sordid tale: an evil hillbilly in a pickup truck kidnaps 5 women off the street, intending to make them his sex slaves!

Here’s a short clip that gives you an idea of the overall tone and style of the film:

As you can see, Peggy bared all in this rough tale, which has had several DVD releases over the years.

This one has some wild scenes, in keeping with grindhouse films of that time:

Several small roles followed the next year, along with a great slice of sexploitation:

“The Pigkeepers Daughter”

You get the idea: this “hicksploitation” classic showed how girls on the farm found creative ways to take their clothes off and roll around in the hay!

“The All American Girl”

Peggy was also the “All American Girl” in 1973 – again, willing to bare all for the role:

Here’s the plot:

Debbie’s boyfriend Bobby has left for Guatemala for three months and Debbie is expecting a boring summer. But then she hasn’t considered her neighbors and their 15-year old son Johnny.

Ok then! I found a link to the whole movie online, but no trailers at all, and almost nothing for her next film but this poster:

“The Mermaid”

What a poster! As you can see, Peggy was appearing in all sorts of cult films that played grindhouse theaters as well as drive-ins across the country.

“Supersonic Supergirls”

Look at this great Stewardess film – AND in 3D!

Hard to find anything on this film other than the poster as well, but Peggy was in it, and then guess what:


There are no pictures of her, no update on what she did next or why she dropped out of film.

If anyone knows please post a note and let us know!

I’ve focused on other disappearing cult movie Queens in the past:

Laura Cannon had a short career in some really rough grindhouse films before she disappeared from movie screens as well – here’s her story:

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Let me know if you have any information on Peggy Church!

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17 replies

  1. I’ve always believed that Uschi Digard could kill a man in bed if she wanted.

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  2. Strange how some just disappeared. Makes me wonder if someone killed them! So many serial killers around in the US at the time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve wondered who Peggy really was after seeing her on the drive-in screen. I believe the last photo I have of her is a color one from 1975, then nothing. Longtime mystery that I hope someone can solve.

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  4. I have that poster for THE MERMAID. I read about that somewhere a while back…The filmmakers actually destroyed all of the copies (there were only a few). SUPERSONIC SUPER GIRLS I also read about. It was mentioned as being the sequel to THE STEWARDESSES (which, apparently, was a big hit—playing continually, but also being re-edited throughout its run). I’m sorry I don’t recall where I saw those articles.

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  5. Suchi Digard she did an interview not that long ago that’s she was married all that time she decided to stop on top she said she didn’t do a hardcore scene but I’ve seen most of her movies I know of on scene she did were you can see it was a hardcore scene it was in ( if you know what I mean) it was with her and a nother will known adult star I can’t remember her name but she had big boobs

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  6. This really baffles me that no one will volunteer what became of her! Say, the opening photo up top is not of Peggy. I don’t recognize who that is, sorry.



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