Cult Movie Queen Rae Sperling Only Made Two Films! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Wants To Know Why!

A Winning Smile, Two Classic Cult Films, Then…

Meet Actress Rae Sperling. She had a winning smile and the camera loved her…my “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” takes a look at this up-n-coming star who disappeared after a fast start!

This is Actress Rae Sperling. She’s on the left in this photo from “Hollywood High.” In the same movie, she’s on the far right of this group of stars hanging out on the beach.

She made a big impression in two films in the mid-70’s, then disappeared from sight.

There is NOTHING in her official bio except these two films.

So what happened to her?

Let’s take a look at her two revealing performances:

Hollywood High!

In this 1976 drive-in comedy, four high school girls at Hollywood High are looking for fun. They frolic on the beach and in swimming pools as well.

They meet up with a retired movie star who lets them hang out in his mansion, and the wacky shenanigans begin!

Here’s a short clip of the girls cavorting in the ocean:

The few reviews I found were NOT good at all, but it is on Amazon Prime, and it offered up many opportunities for Rae to keep the audience’s attention…

The film is a goofy movie designed to be watched at a drive-in, where there was just enough “T ‘n’ A” to keep the audience engaged.

At one point in the film, the four girls are driving in their convertible.

“We need gas!” one of them says.

“We need oil!” another one replies.

“We need a lube job!” one points out.

“We need Big Dick!” the driver announces.

Yes, it turns out that “Big Dick” is an auto mechanic! He’s also a dwarf!

So of course, Rae has sex with him in his garage!

The film isn’t very good, but as I said, low budget sex comedies like this were just an excuse to showcase nude starlets.

The following year, Rae Sperling was featured in the film “Game Show Models”…

OK, let’s be honest: “Game Show Models” is just another great example of 1970’s sexploitation: start with lots of beautiful young women:

Cult Actress Rae Sperling does a great job in the film which mixes some goofy comedy with a bit of social commentary – it’s what Hollywood does best!

Then, NOTHING. Sperling never appeared in another film – or TV shows either.

Did she meet someone and get married? Did she quit the business? Who knows, but clearly the camera loved her:

If you know anything about Sperling, let us know!

Here’s another Actress who made a revealing splash onscreen and then mysteriously disappeared:

Annie Sparrow was chained up by the “Sinful Dwarf” – her one and only film – what happened?

Sparrow does a great job in the film, so why did she drop out of sight?

See more of her story by clicking here:

And what about Marie Liljedahl? She was one of the hottest sex kittens of the early 70’s:

Yet after a few high profile roles, she dropped out of the business – click here to find out why:

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen either of Rae’s movies!

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20 replies

  1. Rae looked good, even in afwul films. Shame she disappeared.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HOLLYWOOD HIGH is currently gratis on Amazon Prime, and GAME SHOW MODELS is $2.00.

    I haven’t seen GSM, yet (two bucks is two bucks and I’m currently pennyless, hiding from the Covid), but HH is one of so many great, existential 70s flicks where you enter the lives of a group of wingnuts at one point, hang with them for a while as they swing and get sexy, then leave with the credits, having experienced nothing but how we used to have a Good Time. Rae Sperling is one of the great mysteries making that Time all the more magic. Cheers.


  3. Rae Sperling is/was a mystery from a magic, existential time in film. That’s the 70s. Even the films judged cheezy and non-essential had this great drop-in, drop-out quality. You experienced . . . something . . . not necessarily with a beginning, middle, or end. You had fun. Then the credits ran. Short credits, with no mention of CGI houses or anyone’s masseuse. Cheers.

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