Grindhouse Pete’s Terrific “Gunfights Of The Drunken Master” Books! Pete Chiarella’s “Pulp Fiction!”

Check Out These “Gunfights Of The Drunken Master” Books!

Hey grindhouse fans, there’s a big sale going on and you should jump on board!

“Grindhouse Pete” Has Some Terrific “Pulp Fiction!”

I love hard-edged, gritty stories – and here are three of the best!

Bravo to “Grindhouse Pete” AKA Pete Chiarella, for his series of “Drunken Master” books!

Pete has spent his career covering the grind house era of film. His autobiography is a walk down New York’s most notorious 42nd St. theaters, peeps shows and dive bars – like this one he shared today:

I love this Facebook page “Grindhouse Purgatory” as its filled with stories and photos – it’s hilarious….

Pete has shared his stories, hosted great video releases of the wildest films from New York’s grindhouse era – but he’s also a terrific Author as well, so I wanted to share something he just posted:

Pete’s On Sale!

Pete’s written a series of novels that he calls:

“A Post-Apocalyptic Spaghetti Western!”

And guess what? They’re on sale!

Pete just posted this:

Hey, if you’re still looking for things to read, we have a special three-for-one sale for Pete’s GUNFIGHTERS OF THE DRUNKEN MASTER series going on now at Happy Cloud Publishing! (That money goes to Pete, without a cut going to Amazon)

“Unhappy Hour” is book two in the series, and there’s a third one as well titled “Last Call?”

The books are filled with a collection of great characters like The Blindman, Blackjack Morgan, Ruby The Dyke and more, as they wander a barren, post-apocalyptic landscape!

You can click here to buy the books, and Happy Cloud also has Pete’s memoir as well:

They also have back issues of Pete’s Grindhouse Purgatory for sale, including this one, which celebrates the life and career of legendary Actor Sid Haig:

It’s a great issue, see more about it here:

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6 replies

  1. I’ll definitely be picking up the Pete Chiarella book.

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  2. Good promotion, John. They look like ‘out there’ books indeed. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. The New “Grindhouse Purgatory” Is Here! Laura Gemser! Mary Millington! Marilyn Chambers! Packed With 42nd St. Greatness! – JR-Sploitation!
  2. Plato’s Retreat! “American Swing” Documentary About New York’s Sex Club – Run By The “King Of Swing!” – JR-Sploitation!

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