The Sexy Horror Of “Evil Toons!” A 90’s Horror Gem With Three Gorgeous Stars!

“Why do these things always have to start with young, beautiful co-eds going into the basement?”

Why? Because it’s another cult gem from the 90’s!

This 1992 film was completely off my radar until someone posted this picture from it:

This is Monique Gabrielle – and I had to find out more about her and the film, and I’m glad I did:

The 1992 horror film “Evil Toons” is a nudity-filled take on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

The plot is simple: four very sexy women are hired to clean an isolated house. Of course, it’s haunted, and when they accidentally recite an ancient passage from a book, they unleash an animated devil!

A great cast includes David Carradine, Monique Gabrielle, Madison Stone, Dick Miller and Michelle Bauer!

Here is the trailer:

Madison Stone has to fight off an animated monster, but always found time to take off her clothes!

And the photo that started this search was Monique Gabrielle, who also stars in the film:

According to the terrific website IMDB:

Writer/director Fred Olen Ray initially pitched the idea for this picture to legendary exploitation movie producer Roger Corman. Ray told Corman he could make the film for only $250,000 dollars. Corman turned Ray down on the grounds that said budget was too low. So Ray made the picture on his own for only $140,000 dollars.

I love that!

The film’s animation is limited because of that budget, but when it’s there it works well!

It’s also said the entire film was shot in 8 days!

The gorgeous Michelle Bauer also stars in the film – “Evil Toons” has three of 80’s/90’s cult cinema’s most beautiful stars!

Of course, “Evil Toons” is directed by Fred Olen Ray, who does a great commentary on the 25th anniversary blu-ray – and has given us a bunch of low-budget cult gems in the 80’s and 90’s like this:

This one starred Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley, and is a blast from start to finish!

Check out the trailer and more here:

As you could see from the trailer, the iconic character Actor Dick Miller also starred in “Evil Toons” – he died last year but left behind so much great work – click here to see more:

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Bravo once again to Fred Olen Ray – this film was a low-budget blast!

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  1. I had never heard of this one, John. It failed to start a whole new genre though. ‘Toonsploitation’! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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