Meet Anna Bergman! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Celebrates The Very Naked Career of Ingmar Bergman’s Daughter!

Meet The “Very Naked” Anna Bergman!

If you don’t know Cult Movie Queen Anna Bergman, here are two things to note: Anna Bergman was a very successful Swedish actress, who loved being nude. Oh, and she is the daughter of the legendary Director Ingmar Bergman!

Bergman is my latest “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” – a look at some of cinema’s greatest “Cult Movie Queens” and the terrific performances they’ve left us with! Let’s get to it!

Anna’s father was Ingmar Bergmen, who made such powerful films as “Cries & Whispers” and “Fanny & Alexander”…considered one of the greatest Directors of all time – however, his daughter took a more provocative career path!

Yes, Anna didn’t make serious dramas like her father – instead, Bergman was a hugely popular star in raucous British sex comedies in the 70’s, including this cult gem:

Penelope Pulls It Off!

The plot is simple:

An art dealer and her sex-crazed teenage daughter Penelope use sex to sell forged paintings.

Basically, it’s an excuse for Anna Bergman to run around naked and that’s how they marketed the film:

The following year she appeared in “Adventures of a Taxi Driver” – and as you can see, once again she let it all hang out!

That same year, Bergman was part of a cast of British sex kittens in the film “Intimate Games.”

In the film, a psychology teacher assigns his university class a project about personal fantasies.

Lucky for us, they share all of those fantasies on camera!

Sex Kitten Felicity Devonshire also starred in the film – you can see more of her revealing work by checking out my story here:

Bergman was also a very popular model, with lots of fully nude photo spreads:

The camera loved her, and she worked regularly through the decade.

Next up for Anna Bergman, another sex romp from 1977:

“Come Play With Me!”

This one starred the iconic Mary Millington, and the plot is simple: the story of a health-resort where both the clients and the employees work in the nude!

“What’s Up Superdoc!”

Bergman need the decade with this sex romp, another chance for the cast to run around naked!

That was about it for Bergman, but what a run of British sex comedies, and she was never shy about showing off!

Bravo to Anna Bergman for leaving us with a string of raucous british sex romps.

Of course, this famous Bergman isn’t the only Actress who splashed around in the exploitation film pool:

Yes, Oscar-winning Actress Helen Mirren has also appeared in a number of provocative films – here are some of the most revealing:

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Let me know how many of these Anna Bergman films you’ve seen!

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  1. I remember when Anna Bergman was in those awful sex romp ‘comedies’ here. I read in a film magazine that she was Ingmar’s daughter, and found that hard to believe. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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