They Were “Sweet Trash” – And Always Naked! Who Are These Unknown Sex Kittens? Help Me Solve This Mystery!


I’d like to introduce you to….


Do you know her? How about…



Well, neither do I!

As I discover obscure films, I am always interested in knowing more about the Cult Movie Queens who appear in them. But what if you can’t find a SINGLE THING ABOUT THEM?

I am going to take you on a journey through one of the strangest sexploitation films – and show you pictures of two Actresses who bare all, but are completely unknown!

Time to check out this:

Vinegar Syndrome is to blame for this: they released a double bill by Director John Hayes, perhaps best known for “Grave Of The Vampire” and “The Cut-Throats!”

Vinegar Syndrome released this obscurity that is really worth a look – ready to see some eye-opening “head scratching” fun?

This “Down on his luck” longshoreman finds himself in deep trouble after racking up a huge debt to some vicious local mobsters.

This really sweaty Hitman is after him – and when they finally meet, our mysterious blonde is there as well – with no top!

Who is she and why does she take meetings with no clothes on? Well, perhaps this will help!

You see, she’s an exotic dancer – and she LOVED to dance! You will meet her and the other Actress in the trailer, which is filled with lots of nudity:

I went through the cast credits at the top of the film and, outside of the two male leads, I can only identify one of the female leads, and she’s not one of the naked starlets!

The only two credits that could possibly be our nude starlets are Hermy Llorens and Betty Lou Gazzo.

Let’s start with Hermy:

This is Kiki, the Exotic Dancer who is nude for almost the entire film. When not dancing, she sits at the edge of the stage while meetings take place nearby – and always topless!

The Actress Hermy Llorens went on to star in “Jailbait Babysitter”, also from Director Hayes…but, the trailer shows NO ONE who looks like her – or our other unknown star Betty Lou Gazzo!

Could this be her?

Well, the character Danielle shows up at a job appointment at a house and within minutes she is naked on the floor while guests drop by to watch!

OK, perhaps you weren’t paying attention – she went from making love on the floor to lounging naked like this!

This is a mind-boggling movie – but is that Betty Lou Gazzo? Who knows!

Oh, and who are these two women who suddenly show up later to have a naked sword fight?

Well, there is no way to know, because the film offers up on that single page of credits – so we will also never know who this woman is, who shows up to make long to that alcoholic longshoreman as well!

I Need Your Help!

I have never seen so much “unbilled” nudity in a single film! As I said, there are NO credits at the end, and just the single page at the beginning!

It’s a really bizarre double bill which is worth getting by the way, thanks to Vinegar Syndrome for keeping cult cinema like this alive:

If the Actresses in this film are indeed Hermy Llorens and Betty Lou Gazzo, let me know! They both do a great job in a very quirky movie – thanks again Vinegar Syndrome for rescuing this one from eh obscurity pile!

You know, this hasn’t been the first time I’ve asked for your help identifying an unknown Actress:

While this movie lobby card says the Actress is Donna Desmond, there is absolutely NO bio of her work at all – even though she showed up in a bunch of cult gems!

Click here to see more of Donna’s provocative work – and help me figure out what happened to her:

And remember, I also shared the story of Annie Sparrow – gorgeous in her one and only movie role:

Well, gorgeous and chained up! She was in “The Sinful Dwarf” – a notorious slice of Euro-sleaze, and then she disappeared! See her story as well by clicking here:

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Let me know if you know who these two beautiful Actresses are!

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  1. ;-),

    On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 11:42 AM JR-Sploitation! wrote:

    > johnrieber posted: ” Meet…. I’d like to introduce you to…. WHO? Do you > know her? How about… HER? NO? Well, neither do I! As I discover obscure > films, I am always interested in knowing more about the Cult Movie Queens > who appear ” >


  2. & tho shes not listed in the ST credits, i think i recognized this cutie/sexy in there…


  3. I can’t help, John. The film looks completely crazy though!
    Mind you, ‘Sweet Trash’ is a great title!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. This is probably no help at all, but:

    There’s an album on EBAY by Hermy Llorens.

    For some reason I can’t paste the art here, but the title is LA VOZ ACARICIANTE DE HERMY LLORENS and the gal on the cover looks pretty similar.

    Her name also brings up a flick called MEMORIES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT from the 60s (there’s a Criterion reissue), but I couldn’t find further connection.

    That’s about it.

    For Betty Lou Gazzo, not a single thing.

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