Colleen Camp And Sandra Locke’s “Death Game!” New Blu-Ray + “Little Miss Innocence” As A Bonus!

Death Game horror

Colleen Camp And Sandra Locke Play A Vicous “Death Game!”

An obscure gem is being rediscovered thanks to the folks at Grindhouse Releasing!

This 1977 thriller is finally coming to blu-ray, loaded with extras!

Death Game movie

Two young girls come to the home of a businessman whose family is away on his birthday. They seduce him and afterwards, however, they tie him up, torture him and trash his house!

Here is the trailer:

Actress Colleen Camp has a nice run of films in the 70’s, and she showed off a bit more than usual in “Death Game”:

Sondra Locke also stars in the film – she was in number of Clint Eastwood movies in the 70’s and 80’s as well, such as “Sudden Impact.” In this film, you get a better sense of her “dark” side!

Seymour Cassel starred as the businessman who is part of the two’s “death game”, but according to Locke, he wasn’t very happy about the film!

According to her autobiography , the voice of Seymour Cassel’s character is dubbed; he was reportedly so unhappy during shooting that he refused to participate in necessary post production dubbing!


A New Blu-Ray Is Coming!

Grindhouse Releasing has announced an upcoming Blu-ray, with the film’s original director of photography transferring the film from its original camera negative, in widescreen for the first time since the 1970’s!

The new Blu-Ray released is being produced with the full cooperation of dDrector Peter S. Traynor and director of photography David Worth – in fact, the 4K scan was made from the original camera negative.

Because of the pandemic, the company’s planned theatrical premiere is on hold, but check out these special features to be included:

Director Traynor’s final career interview, filmed just weeks before his passing with Director Eli Roth, as well as new interviews with star Colleen Camp and producer Larry Spiegel as well – cannot wait for this one!

And get this – there ‘s an entire bonus film on the blu-ray as well!

“Little Miss Innocence” with Sandy Dempsey is a wild slice of exploitation that shares some pro point with “Death Game!” See more here:

And why was Eli Roth chosen to participate?

Because Roth remade the film with Keanu Reeves!

Colleen Camp and Sondra Locke are two of the producers of “Knock Knock”, a tested modern take not he original!

Knock Knock movie nudity

It’s a good little thriller – as one reviewer puts it:

“What we do have is a home invasion film for the social media generation that should make you think twice before offering warmth and shelter to a stranger on a dark and stormy night.”

sex shocker

Dread Central awarded it a score of 4 out of 5, and were behind the line: “what we do have is a home invasion film for the social media generation (yes, it does feature social media in its plot) that should make you think twice before offering warmth and shelter to a stranger on a dark and stormy night.”


I enjoyed this remake – not knowing the original film, I thought it was an effective thriller – Eli Roth keeps things moving, and Keanu does a great job as the businessman who never should have answered that “Knock Knock” at the door!


Of course, Director Roth is well known for “Cabin Fever” and the “Hostel” series, but his love of 70’s cult cinema has led him to make this great cannibal film:

Yes, it’s Roth’s unofficial take on “Cannibal Holocaust” – and I found it to be very effective – if you are up for blood-soaked cinema like this:

You can read more about this thriller by clicking on my story here:

And here’s a great thriller I’d love to see Roth’s take on:

“The New York Ripper” starred Zora Kerova, and she also starred in this shocker:

She appeared in one of the most controversial cannibal movies of that era – you can see more of her revealing work here:

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Bravo again to Grindhouse Releasing for this great new blu-ray release!

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  1. I get the feeling that the Death Game trailer showed all the best bits! I always thought Locke was a bad actress, and never could see why Eastwood was so attracted to her. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Colleen Camp had a great rack!

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