Sex Kitten Suzanne Lund Enters “The Room Of Chains!” Vintage Newspaper Ads Offer Up Films “In Blazing Color!” The Wild “Schoolgirls In Chains” Genre!

Want To See A Film “In Blazing Color?”

I love vintage exploitation movie posters like the one above – it’s the ad for a very routine S & M film from France in the early 70’s – but check out this ad I kept from my local newspaper when it played the drive-in circuit at the time – there is a really funny addition to the artwork:

Yes, check the bottom left of the ad – my newspaper added the words “in blazing color!”

Remember where we’ve seen that “blazing color” line before?

“Flaming Hillbilly Color!”

Yes, this ad had a play on the same idea – these films weren’t just in color, they were “blazing” or “flaming”!

Of course, these ads were very effective: they ensured that my friends and I would try to sneak in to the movie theater or the drive-in, no matter how underage we were!

As you can see, the original french poster for “The Room Of Chains” wouldn’t have enticed me as much as the original, because it isn’t filled with all of the hyperbole that was marketed in the US, sounding like a provocative “roughie” grind house film from that time.

Sex kitten Suzanne Lund, however, was a major selling point for the film!

This led me on a search into the cult cinema world of “girls in chains”, where I found these posters:

“Schoolgirls In Chains” was a 1973 sexploitation film that played drive-ins and Grindhouse theaters across the US, with a very provocative title and the sexy Suzanne Lund:

Lund didn’t have any other film credits – not hard to understand why perhaps – but these films all played on the same theme: innocent young women chained up – although in most if not all cases, they always fought back and uyltaimelty got their revenge against their captors!

These “Schoolgirls In Peril” films had a nice run at the box office, but if you want the “Citizen Kane” of “women in chains” films, it’s right here:

Yes, “Black Mama White Mama” had a plot revolving around two women chained together!

Ultimately, all roads lead to “women in prison” films of course, where female prisoners were always chained up – until they were allowed to shower:

This genre reached its apex with classic films like “Bare Behind Bars” and “Black Mama White Mama” but there are many many more, and I took a look at some of them here:

You may not have realized there was a whole “Hicksploitation” trend in the 70’s – stuff like “The Pigskeeper’s Daughter” and of course “Hillbilly Hookers” as well:

I took a look at some of the wildest of the “Hicksploitation” movies, and you can see them here – including the one starring th legendary Rene Bond:

Back to this original ad from my local paper:

You see those other great exploitation drive-in movies of the time? One of them starred one of my “2020 sex kittens!”

Yep, “The Flesh And Blood Show” starred cult movie Queen Luan Peters – she made a lot of great cult films in the 70’s – you can check them all out here:

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5 replies

  1. “See it at your own risk!”
    “Gruesomely stained in colour!”
    They knew how to write a film poster back then. 🙂
    Now all we get is something like,
    “A film by Denis Villeneuve”.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ya gotta love The Flesh and Blood Show. There’s a knock at the two room-mates door at 2-ish in the AM. Luan Peters is nude and her roomie is more than scantily clad. Luan is nude. Guess who answers the door? Yup!.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, a goofy opening scene that let you know they were going to show off the goods…quirky film – I interviewed Judy Matheson for Grindhouse Purgatory magazine and she enjoyed making that film but said it was very low budget!



  1. Erotic Horror Actress Ann Michelle Is “The Virgin Witch” – And So Is Her Sister! It’s A Satantic “Shocktober” Day #25! – JR-Sploitation!

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