The “One And Done” Cast Of “Cherry Hill High!” Most Actresses In The Film Never Worked Again!

Time to Enroll At “Cherry Hill High!”

Sometimes one of my Facebook friends shares a vintage cult movie poster – like this one for “Cherry Hill High” – and I wonder: who is in this film? What else have they acted in?

Well, in this case not much!

Yes, these five Actresses ended up with a total of EIGHT credits!

Time to runt through the cast of this 1977 sexploitation film!

Welcome To “Cherry Hill High!”

This looks exactly like a goofy drive-in movie from the late 70’s – because it was – check out the plot:

“Five sexy high school graduates try to lose their virginity in a creative manner.”

Well, there you go!

Here are the six Actresses listed in the credits – and wait until you see what other films they’ve done:

Linda McInerney:

This is the only still I could find of Linda McInerney, who is listed first on the poster and plays “Miss Woodruff”, so we can assume she’s a teacher and not one of the 5 girls seeking to lose their virginity. – and there are no other listed credits for her on IMDB!

Next up:

Carrie Olson:

Carrie does an underwater scene is a large tank, and I can’t find a single credit to her name – including one for this film!

Next up:

Stephanie Lawlor:

Yes, that’s Stephanie, but the only other shot I could find of her movie career isn’t even from this film!

Stephanie only had one other film credit – the sex comedy “Hot T-Shirts” in 1980!

Next up for the cast members:

Nina Carson:

Nina is no different than most of the others – this is her only listed film credit!

Lynn Hastings:

Lynn only had one other screen credit and that was in “Cheerleaders Beach Party” from 1978.

And guess what? Our last “Cherry Hill High” star was in that as well!

Gloria Upson:

Yes, Gloria was in “Cherry Hill High” as “Peaches Petty” – and her only other credited work was also in the 1978 drive-in film “Cheerleaders Beach Party.”

So there you have it: 5 actresses who barely ever worked again!

One interesting note: this film was directed by Chuck Vincent, who also made XXX-rated films, so the Actress Rebecca Brooke AKA Mary Mendum had a small part in the film:

She’s best known for her roles in the classic adult film “Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town”.

It’s interesting that none of these Actresses went on to do more work…perhaps they didn’t enjoy the experience – that’s seems to be the case with the disappearance of Actress Annie Sparrow:

Sparrow starred in only one film – “The Sinful Dwarf” – then disappeared…what happened? See more of this mysterious story here:

Sometimes, an Actress will appear in a slew of films in a short period of time, then disappear – that was the case with Peggy Church:

Yes, she got her start tied up topless to the top of a car, and wait until you see where her career went from there!

Click to see more revealing photos:

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14 replies

  1. Not exactly a cinematic ‘high point’ to have on your CV as an actress. I suppose there must be hundreds of actors who never worked much past one film role though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s worth noting that CHERRY HILL HIGH, CHEERLEADERS’ BEACH PARTY, and HOT T-SHIRTS were all Cannon projects, and specifically that pre-Golan & Globus period when it was an East Coast company run by Dennis Friedlander and Christopher Dewey. So it’s very likely that they were using local talent repeatedly, sometimes from the adult film world (as in Chuck Vincent). So maybe these performers have credits under other names that no one has tied to them because up to now, who would have done the work to do so.
    I cackle at the notion that they all probably became New Jersey wives and moms, and maybe every so often their kids’ schoolmates stumble upon a photo of them on the web and ask weird questions. I hope they can laugh about making silly movies back in the day as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I remember looking up the actress Carrie Olsen on the IMDB a long time ago and she was credited with this movie. She was the cutest one here and I was hoping to catch her in something else, but nothing else was shown. She must have requested that her name be removed and they did.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Don’t recall if i have ever seen this one or not? The cuties in the cast may tempt me to look it up sometime soon.



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