X-Rated “Cinderella!” Cheryl ‘Rainbeaux’ Smith’s Terrific Starring Role And Tragic Life!

Cheryl ‘Rainbeaux’ Smith IS “Cinderella!”

When I was growing up, I was such a movie fan that I would save newspaper ads for films I saw – or in this case, really wanted to see:

This is a newspaper ad for the film from a Seattle newspaper, which I still have…I love the “sales pitch” they use:

“You will see ALL of Cinderella and the other 29 girls when you see the film!”

That’s straightforward, isn’t it?

The Cult Movie Queen Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith stars as Cinderella – although this time she’s a very “Adult” Princess! More about Cheryl’s career and tragic death later, but let’s get into the “x-rated” take on a fairy tale legend!

An “X-Rated” Cinderella!

This 1977 musical comedy got very good reviews at the time, because it a ribald take on the fairy tale: Cinderella with the help of her “fairy” godmother, is granted heightened sexual prowess to win over Prince Charming!

In the “adult” twist on the story, there’s a LOT more than a slipper involved in this search for a Princess!

Here is the trailer:

In fact, the story of a horny Prince seeking his Princess includes a LOT of “fair maidens” eager to please!

This being the “X-rated” version of the fairy tale, it’s not a slipper the Prince must try to fit – instead, this lucky Prince must have sex with every woman in his kingdom in order to identify his beloved’s “snapping’ pussy!”.

Yes, that’s how he remembers his first encounter!

Of course, the Prince beds all of the fair maidens as he searches for his Cinderella, so by the time he reaches her house, he is so exhausted that he must be brought in on a stretcher, and Cinderella must approach him cowgirl style. Recognizing “the snapper,” the Prince declares Cinderella to be the girl he loves, and there is a sexy “happy ending!”

I was glad I came across the original newspaper ad I saved, because it allows me to showcase once again the tremendous talent of Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith:

Cheryl was one of the stars of “Caged Heat”, and she was in a lot of mainstream films as well – and was in the all-girl band The Runaways…unfortunately, her story is also a cautionary tale about Hollywood.

Click here to see more of her films and the story of her tragic death:


Remember, this “adult” take on “Cinderella” wasn’t unusual:

The absolutely gorgeous Kristine DeBell starred in the X-rated “Alice In Wonderland” – and there was a “XXX-rated” version as well!

Click here to find out what Kristine says she did and didn’t do onscreen:


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Have you seen this X-rated fairy tale? Let me know!

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  1. The plot of that Cinderella film had me laughing out loud, John. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Too bad she died so young. She was actually a decent actress.

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