Taste “The Devil’s Honey!” Horror Director Lucio Fulci’s Wild Erotic Cult Gem Is Remastered By Severin!

Dip Into “The Devil’s Honey!”

Severin Films is one of the great companies rescuing obscure cinema and remastering it for future generations to enjoy – and this new blu-ray is stuffed with great extras as well…more on that later, but first, we need to explore the wild, wild WILD cinematic world of Lucio Fulci!

I got my first taste of the Director’s unique vision with “The Beyond”, which I bought in a special steel case edition…since that point, I discovered many more of his famous works:

With the Italian horror genre in disarray in the late ’80s, Director Lucio jumped into the erotic thriller genre with “The Devil’s Honey”, noted by the review site Mondo Digital this way:

“A completely outrageous erotic thriller with one of the most jaw-dropping opening sequences you’ll ever see. If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for one of the wildest rides in Italian exploitation history!”

I’ll share more from Mondo Digital in a moment, but for now, time to dip into some tasty “Honey!”

She the image on the original Italian movie poster? Yes, that is a strategically placed Saxophone!

Here’s the plot of “The Devil’s Honey”: a young woman abducts and subjects a Doctor to various sexual torture acts after she holds the Doctor responsible for the death of her boyfriend.

The legendary Cult Movie Queen Corinne Clery stars, and since this is an erotic thriller, she’s not adverse to a bit of nudity:

However, co-star Blanca Marsillach is the breakout star of the film, with a myriad of scenes of her completely nude and fearless in her performance:

There are many eye-popping moments in the film, but perhaps the “saxophone” scene is one for the ages – she clearly “loves” the music:

As always, the terrific website Mondo Digital has an in-depth look at the film and the numerous extras on the Severin release – Severin does a terrific job giving fans inside info, trivia and interviews with the stars of the film – you can see all of them here:


A terrific release and I love the way Mondo Digital delves into the film and all of the extras – really helpful!

As I said, Corinne Clery stars, and she had a great run of cult films in the 70’s – here are two of my favorites:

And Corinne was also a “Bond Girl!” You can see all of her best movies by clicking on my story here:


I also got the remastered edition of “The New York Ripper”, and cult actress Zora Kerova was in that film:

Kerova had a great career as well – see some of her most controversial films here:


Fulci’s horror films included “The House By The Cemetery”, featuring the beautiful sex kitten Dagmar Lassander:

Click here to see more of her career, including more on “The House By The Cemetery!”


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  1. John, that ‘saxaphone vibrator’ has to be in a genre all of its own! Great stuff!
    Best wishes, Pete.



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