New Grindhouse Purgatory Is For Sale! “Satan’s Sadists!” Cannibals! Stewardesses! All The Cult Cinema You Love! Here Are Details!

The New Grindhouse Purgatory Is Here!

Time for lovers of cult films to rejoice – the latest issue of the terrific Grindhouse Purgatory magazine is here!

Pete Chiarella – AKA Grindhouse Pete, wrote his fascinating memoir about growing up in the Grindhouse era of 42nd Street, and he publishes this terrific magazine that celebrates the cinema of that time!

Pete loved New York’s notorious Times Square of the 70’s and 80’s, and it is celebrated within the pages of his magazine – he now has a brand new issue of Grindhouse Purgatory, and it’s a doozy!

I am proud to be a part of this issue, so let’s take a look!

In this issue : the legendary stunt man – and the man many think Brad Pitt was playing in
Once Upon A Time In…Hollywood” – Gary Kent talks “Satan’s Sadists”!

The Italian Invasion of 42nd Street. Sam Sherman interview, Roxy Hearts interview, Vampire Films in the Grindhouse, The Career of Terry Funk, and a look at films like these:

Blaxploitation Westerns!

My friend Nick Canales, who is involved with the great Sleaze Fiend magazine, contributes a terrific look at Blaxploitaiton westerns! Can’t wait to dig into that!

Al Adamson’s Stewardess Films!

Here was my contribution to the issue: I watched both of Director Al Adamson’s Stewardess films: “The Blazing Stewardesses” and “The Naughty Stewardesses”, both starring Cult Movie Queen Connie Hoffman:

I had a blast looking at both films – hope you enjoy it!

Also in the issue is a story called “My trip to Hardcore Homecoming”. Among the films covered are “Brain of Blood” and the 70’s action drama “Hickey and Boggs.”

Add to that reviews of “Five Bloody Graves”, “Invitation to Ruin” and the John Saxon-fronted “Cannibals in the Streets!”

If you love cult cinema, then buy this issue and help support the magazine – it’s easy to do – just click here!

And you can also buy it on Amazon if that works best for you – but buy some other issues and support Pete!

Also make sure to check out Pete’s terrific Facebook page called Grindhouse Purgatory, with links to all of his products as well!

Now, if you’ve read this far, you may wonder why I chose to write about Stewardesses…well, here’s a clue:

This is one of the original newspaper ads for “The Stewardesses In 3-D” – which played in my hometown Seattle…I tried sneaking into see it several times, but only have the original ad to remember it by…it’s a wild genre, and you can see more of it here:

I love cult cinema – and that means I love this guy:

Sid Haig was a legend, and his death shocked cult film fans…I contributed a story in the last Grindhouse Purgatory magazine – dedicated to his career:

You can see more about it by clicking on my story here:

If you like these stories, you can go to my website’s front page and sign on to follow me – there are NO ads at all, just lots of stories to come about the wild world of exploitation and cult films!

Click here and see the “follow” button on the upper right!

Support Grindhouse Purgatory and help celebrate the best in cult cinema!

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5 replies

  1. I remember going to see ‘Hickey and Boggs’ at the cinema. And I am wondering what Yvonne de Carlo was doing in ‘Blazing Stewardesses’! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. How exciting. I have the first few (3?) issue of this publication, I;ll consider getting the new one, but went ahead and ordered (Amazon) the Sid Haig one that you were a contributor to. I, also, had done an article on him when i was a writer at The Fresno Bee. It was for the newspaper’s monthly magazine, CENTRAL VALLEY (which no longer exists). A link to it is here: I mention an audio interview with him that is taped. I keep meaning to make that into a video and post it. It was not a great interview (and I really didn’t use much–if anything–from it). I later met him at a celebrity show — and there is a link to take you to that on the page as well.


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