#Deucember Has Cult Movie Queen Alexandra Hay Naked Behind Bars! “1,000 Convicts – And A Woman”! Classic Example Of All Title And No Payoff!

“Deucember” Continues!

It’s my favorite month of the year: for an entire month, the terrific Grindhouse Cinema Database website is showcasing “Deucember” – a month of classic Grindhouse films!

Here’s a great example of how savvy Producers flooded the Grindhouse market with films that had title far more provocative than anything on the screen!

Does This Title Get Your Attention?

Well, how could your ears NOT perk up when you hear about a film called “1,000 Convicts – And A Woman!”

And it helps the film stars Alexandra Hay, a Cult Movie Queen!

Some “Fun And Games” With These “Convicts!”

One of the great things about cult cinema is how “enterprising” Producers will do ANYTHING to get someone to buy a movie ticket!

You see, this 1971 exploitation movie was actually called “Fun and Games” – and Hay was prominently featured as you can see – but the film was released in the US with the far more salacious title “1000 Convicts and a Woman!”

Alexandra Hay stars as an oversexed teenage girl who causes havoc among the inmates of a British prison – which is governed by her father!

Time to check this out!

Here is the trailer in all of its 1971 glory:

The daughter of a British prison governor returns from an American finishing school, and chases after the inmates in her Dad’s prison.

In the 60’s and 70’s, movie titles were often much more provocative than the films themselves, since censorship issues still existed…and just a few flashes of nudity in the film’s trailer was all it took to drive ticket sales.

Actress Alexandra Ray does a great job in the movie – she had a nice run of cult films in the 70’s…and for this one, she let’s the film’s advertising promise a LOT more than she delivers!

The Actress had a good run in cult films in the 70’s – and posed for some provocative photos as well!

Changing the name of the film didn’t make it much more popular, but the US title is actually a lot more fun, right?

It was a case of doing whatever it took to sell a ticket – remember this wacky stunt?

Free Vomit Bags!

That’s right, the Producers of “Mark Of The Devil” offered free vomit bags for everyone attending – and also promised that the film was rated “V” for violence!

You can see more films that pulled this off by clicking on my story here:


Changing the name of a film was also a gimmick:

Remember “Hooker’s Revenge?”

If not, that’s because it was the THIRD title used to sell this classic Christina Lindberg film!

Lindberg bared all as the kidnapped schoolgirl who was forced into sexual slavery – before getting her bloody revenge:

Click here to see the other two titles for this cult movie:


Finally, remember this double bill of horror?

Well, click here to find out which film was actually made a decade earlier with an entirely different name!


Enjoying #Deucember so far?

All of these films fit the “Grindhouse” criteria, so enjoy them all!

You can click here for more details about this special month-long exploration of all things cult cinema – it’s such a great website celebrating cult cinema from the greatest era of classic cult films in cinematic history!


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Let me know how many of these wild exploitation films you’ve seen – and feel free to share on social media!

Bravo to Alexandra Hay for a great career!

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  1. Despite being filmed in Britain, I had never heard of this tilm at all, John. On a side note, I met Sandor Eles a few times when I was a taxi driver for a while in the early 1970s. He lived above a shop in Kensington, and was a quiet, somewhat aloof man. Originally from Hungary, he was well-known here for both film and TV roles.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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