My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Celebrates Linda York! Is She My Mysterious “Sweet Trash?” Did This “Chain Gang Woman” Also “Scream In The Streets?” Check Out The Photos!

Who Is This Actress?

It’s a question I asked all of you a few months back, and my “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” celebrates an Actress who just my be my mystery woman! The mystery was helped by one of my Facebook friends, who saw my original story and sent me this picture:

Is Cult Actress Susan York My “Sweet Trash?”

Here’s how this all began: when I saw the obscure 1970 cult film “Sweet Trash”, I was struck by two women in the movie – each of them with lengthy nude scenes:

One was an exotic dancer who liked to talk to customers while still half naked, and the other made her first appearance by getting naked on the floor while other guests arrived at a party:

This is just one more reason why I love cult cinema…for great gems like “Sweet Trash” – but, both Actresses are not listed in the film’s very short credit list!

So, when I was given the name Linda York, I decided to see if I could find evidence that she was the girl from “Sweet Trash”:

Clearly there is a similarity, so I looked at some of York’s other revealing films. York appeared in dozens of films with names like “The Adult Version Of Jekyll & Hyde”, “The Liberated Woman” and this obscurity from 1971:

“The Love Garden!”

Thanks to Vinegar Syndrome, you can get this in a double bill right now, and considering that “Sweet Trash” is from the same company, perhaps someone there has a similar crush on York!

What do you think? It turns out she made a number of uncredited appearances in movies at the time. Her first film listed in her IMDB bio is “Trader Hornee” from 1970, but she was uncredited in it, and many others are listed in her movie roles as well.

Many other credits have her taking a different name as well, which can also make this difficult to lock down.

Here is another of her films:

“A Scream In The Streets!”

A great poster and title for an early 70’s action film that is filled with lots of nudity as well!

Here is the vintage trailer:

Well, I have to say: it DOES look like her, especially in the nude scene where we see her profile:

As you can see, York looks very much like my “Sweet Trash” Actress here as well:


This film “Chain Gang Women” is another great example of cult exploitation cinema, as you no doubt got plenty of convicts taking showers, and obviously a lot of sexual romps as well:

I’m guessing that my friend was right: the mysterious “Sweet Trash” Actress is Linda York!

If you want to see more of that cult gem, you can click on my story here:

I’ve shared other stories about Actresses who only made a few films, or used different names in them:

Donna Desmond made a number of cult films using different names, but they were all very revealing – you can click her to see more of them:

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  1. The wonders of the Internet. Glad to hear your facebook contact solved the mystery. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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