The “Carnal Madness” Of Roberta Pedon! This “Delinquent Schoolgirl” Was A “Big Bust Superstar!”

Celebrating The Short Career Of Roberta Pedon!

A Facebook friend shared this picture, and I was immediately curious about Roberta: what films did she make, and how long did she work in the entertainment business?

Well, not long at all, but she left us with one classic slice of sexploitation!

Roberta Pedon was born Rosma Laila Grantoviskis.

She was the daughter of Jewish Latvian refugees.

Referred to in wikipedia as “naturally big-busted”, she had pictorials and a few movie roles – and then she dropped out of the business!

Let’s take a look at her short-lived career, beginning with a film that had a classic exploitation poster!

Delinquent School Girls!

This 1975 film was also known as “Carnal Madness” as well!

Check out the trailer:

The plot is simple: three escaped mental patients sexually assault their way into a girls’ private school. But, since the girls’ education includes wrestling and karate, the three madmen will find that payback is a bitch!

I haven’t seen the film, but it does have a great title and poster!

The camera loved Roberta, who was very natural on camera as well…and take a look: cult actress Colleen Brennan was in this as well!

Apparently, the film was released many different times with a number of different titles like “The Delinquents”, “Love Maniacs”, “The Sizzlers”, and “Bad Girls” as well!

Roberta Was A “Big Bust Superstar!”

Pedon went on to “star” in a number of video compilations with names like “Big Bust Babes” and “Big Bust Superstars” in the 80’s, but little else is known about her – except that she did a lot of modeling at the time as well…

As with many in this business, little is known about the rest of her life, except one report in wikipedia that said she sadly died of liver disease in Alameda, California.

UPDATE: A Facebook friend shared an interview with Roberta recently and says that she is, in fact, NOT DEAD. That is great news to hear!

Even though Pedon faded from the spotlight, she deserves our thanks for such a terrific career…

Colleen Brennan was also in “Delinquent Schoolgirls”, and she went on to have a long career in adult entertainment…

She acted using two names: Colleen Brennan and Sharon Kelly as well.

See her wild career under both names by clicking on my story here:

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18 replies

  1. I think you meant ‘Colleen Brennan’ not ‘Eileen Brennan’. The latter was a great comedic character actress, known for ‘Private Benjamin’ and ‘The Sting’.

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  2. Roberta could certainly fill a bra, John! Thanks for finding this obscure sexploitation star.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. john- christina lindberg hasn’t show up in your posts that i can find… should she?


  4. Thank you for continuing to pay attention to the great Roberta and may she not be forgotten. Apart from the 2018 interview, there is a mini documentary about her life that aired on Italian TV in 2019. In it you can clearly see that it is her, and she tells something of her years in the USA, that she was modeling and working as a waitress or things like that . She also tells that she was seriously ill for a long time and returned to Italy. Possibly due to that disease she had a breasts reduction, since then in all the images until now she has little breast, but not before. Already in Italy she dedicated herself to fashion, magazines and Italian TV with some travel reports.
    It is sad that she did not reach more fame in the USA and appeared in more prestigious films, but at least now we know that the great Roberta Pedon was still alive and active in Italy, and she is of Venetian origin! Long live RP 🙂
    PD: The documentary is “le ragazze” 12Oct2019 from rai tv, second half 😉

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  5. Delinquent Schoolgirls is a pretty awful movie, so awful that it has its charms at times. Probably my favorite part is when the convicts make the mistake of going after the girls’ karate class at the end.

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  6. Roberta is one the greatest busty legends of all time. She was one of the best reasons to pick up a copy of Gent magazine back in those days!!

    Liked by 1 person


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