RIP To The “Solid Gold Sex Kitten” Margaret Nolan… My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Pays Tribute To This Voluptuous “Bond Girl” …

The “Solid Gold Sex Kitten” Has Died…

Sad news: Margaret Nolan, well known for her gold-plated appearance int he opening credits for “Goldfinger”, has died at the age of 76.

Her son, Oscar Deeks, confirmed the news that she had passed away on October 8, Variety reported. She is also survived by another son, Luke O’Sullivan.

My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” honors a Cult Movie Queen who made her mark in a most unusual way – by having movie credits shown on her body!

Born in 1943 in London, Margaret Nolan had a career as a glamour model under the name of Vicki Kennedy, and as Margaret made her movie debut in 1963 in “Saturday Night Out” – but this is the image that made her an icon:


That’s right, this 1964 movie poster for the James Bond hit “Goldfinger” included Margaret’s solid gold image – and the film’s credits were over her sultry body!

She also appeared in some scenes in the film as well!

Talk about a great career! Besides “Goldfinger”, Margaret was hugely popular as a pinup model – need proof?

In addition to her modeling work, Nolan amassed 75 credits across film and TV, from massive box office hits to some of the most endearing cult films of the 70’s as well!

“Carry On Henry VIII” in 1971 was the first in a string of British sex comedies that made ample use of Margaret’s talent – while she was sultry, she also had a knack for comedy!

“No Sex Please…We’re British!”

This 1973 sex farce involved a mixup between deliveries to a bank and an adult film shop! Hijacks ensue!

Nolan worked all the time in roles big and small, and did a number of modeling assignments as well.

Margaret was perfectly cast in the aptly named “Carry on Girls” in 1973.

She ultimately made six “Carry On…” appearances and really seemed to be having a blast!

By the end of the 70’s, Nolan slowed down her workload and spent more time in TV roles…however, she left us with some absolutely stunning photos and terrific performances…

Nolan was one of the very popular “Bond Girls” of the 60’s…in fact, the very next Bond film had what I consider to be the most exotic of them all:

Claudine Auger was “Domino” in “Thunderbolt”…sadly, she died last year, but here’s an appreciation of her great career:

And let’s not forget that the first-ever Bond Girl was nicknamed “Ursula UNDRESS!”

Ursula Andress starred in “Dr. NO”, and then had a run of wild cult films – see them all by clicking on my story here:

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RIP to Margaret Nolan, who left a lasting impression in film.

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  1. I was a huge fan of Margaret in her ‘Carry On’ days. She seemed to typify the big-breasted British girl of that era, and was so much sexier than the stars she supported. She is 76 now and retired, but still living in London
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. May she rest in peace.



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