The Gorgeous Kelly Brook! This Model And TV Host Was Also A Cult Movie Queen! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has A Multi-Talented Beauty!

“I can’t run fast like Usain Bolt. I can’t sing like Mariah Carey. So if people are interested in my body, then okay, that’s that. I’m not going to fight against it.”

With that, time to meet the refreshingly candid Kelly Brook!

A Celebration Of Actress / Host / Model Kelly Brook!

My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” highlights some of the legendary Cult Movie Queens of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but the new generation is well represented as well!

The Open, Honest And Gorgeous Kelly Brook!

Kelly is an English Model, Actress and TV Host, who appeared in a number of films, TV shows and more.

She was born in 1979 in Rochester, Kent, as Kelly Ann Parsons.

She began modelling professionally she she was 16 for Lee Jeans, and went on to appear in ads for many major brand campaigns. Her big break came when the British national tabloid newspaper The Star, which led to appearing in many ‘lad’s mags’ like FHM and Maxim.

Kelly was savvy about those magazines, and the career she had chosen. Abut she bristled at the idea she was just a stupid sex kitten. As she said:

“The thing is – and this is something that really annoys me – a lot of people mistake lightness for stupidity. If you’re cold and mean and dark, you’re smart. If you’re sweet and charming and you get on with people, then you’re not. Then, you’re… bubbly.”

Kelly did exude a lightness to the touch – and all of her pictures were fresh and light, and the camera loved her.

Kelly made dozens of films and TV shows as well…she quickly built a reputation, thanks to quote like this:

“Sex keeps me fit and healthy. What can be better than that? It’s not about crazy diets or gym workouts.”

Let’s take a look at some of Kelly’s career highlights, beginning with this film she starred in when she was 24:

“School For Seduction”

Kelly stars as an Italian temptress, who arrives at a school in Newcastle to teach a group of Geordies about the art of romance.

Here is the trailer for this 2004 film:

Brook also had a starring role in this exotic film, shot on a desert island:

“Survival Island” AKA “Three”

Billy Zane stars with Kelly in this 2005 erotic drama about three people – a rich couple and a crew member – who are shipwrecked on a tropical island – and to survive they begin to turn on each other.

Here is the trailer, when the film was known as “Three”:

This looks like an interesting thriller, especially given the added cache of Zane, and there is plenty of time to see Kelly in – and out of – a bikini as well:

Brook met Zane for the first time while filming in the Bahamas. They were ultimately engaged for awhile but ended their relationship in 2008.

Next up was one of Kelly’s biggest hits:

Piranha 3D

This 2010 hit has a great cast: Richard Dreyfus, Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames along with Kelly – and the film had a tight little plot: after a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area’s new razor-toothed residents.

Check out the trailer:

“Piranha 3D” is a lot of goofy fun, and Kelly seems to be having a blast making the film, as she admitted in a interview…

As she said:

“It’s a big popcorn movie. It was fun to work on and it seems to have got a good response. The fans seem to love it. If you like horror and you like fish then go and see it.”

In September 2010, Brook appeared in the American edition of Playboy magazine, with this glossy cover:

In September 2014, Brook released her autobiography, an open and honest look at her life, and it was a bestseller:

Brook went on to appear in hugely popular British TV shows like “Strictly Come Dancing” (2007), “Britain’s Got Talent” and the 2020 edition of the iconic TV hit “The Great British Bake Off”.

Bravo to Kelly for a great career that continues today. As I said at the beginning of this story, she is a modern day “sex kitten” – just as Diora Baird is:

Her career continues today, and you can see some of her highlights by clicking on my story here:

Many of our Cult Movie Queens had career that included provocative photo shoots – case in point: Elvira:

Yes, the iconic Elvira AKA Cassandra Peterson was a Model as well…see more of her candid work by clicking on myself tory here:

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  1. Kelly may not have been a great actress, or starred in ‘serious’ films, but she always comes across as a very nice person, and her good looks are beyond doubt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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