RIP Becky Mullen…The Original “Farmer’s Daughter” on “GLOW” – And A “Skinamax” Star! A Sad Death…

RIP Becky Mullen….Celebrating Her Eternal “GLOW”…

I just read this sad news, and wanted to take a look at the life and career of Becky Mullen.

She shot to stardom on one of the wildest TV series of the 80’s, carved out a nice acting career for herself, and died tragically…time to look a the life and career of Becky Mullen…

Becky Mullen shot to fame when she was cast in the wild 80’s TV show “GLOW” – which stood for “Golden Ladies Of Wrestling!”

Mullen was “Sally the Farmer’s Daughter” in two seasons of “GLOW”, appearing in 1986 and 1988.

This crazy show followed the lives of a group of female wrestlers, in and out of the ring, and it became a massive hit!

There is an incredible documentary about the origins and ongoing influence of “GLOW” that is airing on Netflix – a “must watch” – it is terrific!

And of course, Netflix has the terrific new series that tells the fictionalized story as well:

After appearing on the show for a couple of seasons, Becky left pro wrestling to become a Model and Actress. As you can see, the camera LOVED her.

She appeared in several late night cable action thrillers on Cinemax and Showtime during the 1990s. One of those movies is the cult classic “Hard Hunted”, directed by Andy Sidaris.

Becky didn’t have a large part in that film, but she went on to have a run of performances at a time when the “erotic thriller” was taking over pay cable:

“Forbidden Games”

This 1995 thriller is the story of the head of a prominent modeling agency who dies under suspicious circumstances, and there are more than enough likely suspects – but no evidence.

This was the era of “Skinamax”, when the pay cable channels like Showtime and Cinemax offered up a lot of late night erotic thrillers with sex and nudity…a fun and easy way to unwind after a long day, by spending a couple of hours with beautiful Actresses like Becky!

“Sinful Intrigue”

That same year, Becky appeared in this 1995 erotic thriller as “Beckie Mullen” – yes, slightly different spelling but it’s her. It tells the story of an Interior decorator and her husband, who seem to be the perfect couple living in the perfect neighborhood.

But their marriage is crumbling when the husband enters into an affair. Tempted with wandering eyes of her own, the wife has another — life-threatening — problem to deal with: one by one, her friends fall victim to a brutal attacker.

Becky had many more credits, including roles in a variety of TV shows in the 90’s, before her last acting role in this goofy swimsuit romp:

The plot of this “Baywatch” parody was simple:

“Over twenty models pose in their swimsuits. And without them.”

There were countless videos like this in video stores all around the world at the time, as VHS tapes were hugely popular.

After this release, Becky lived outside the spotlight, and I found little about her personal life to share…but she left us with a string of fun, sexy movie roles that helped define a decade in entertainment…

Becky Mullen’s Shocking Death…

Fans were stunned to find out that Becky Mullen died on 7/27/20 from colon cancer. She was 56…a Facebook fund has been set up to help her mother pay for expenses.

The Fund was started by Patricia Summerland, who played the pro wrestling character “Sunny the California Girl” on GLOW during the 1980s.

A sad sad end to one of the brightest stars of the 90’s…

Mullen was one of a number of cult stars who acted in many of those Cinemax sexy shockers…in fact, there’s a great story about how the entire phenomenon began:

Yes, this was the film that started it all…want to know how? Click on my story here:

Mullen’s story has a sad end – and unfortunately, her story isn’t unique – Hollywood has a long history of Cult Movie Queens who have a great run of films and then disappear:

Carol Wayne was a star, thanks to appearing regularly on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson…but she died a very mysterious death a few years later…click here for more on this “True Hollywood Tragedy”:

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RIP Becky Mullen. Share this story on social media and help raise money for Becky’s family…


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  1. Golden Ladies of Wrestling? I thought it was Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. I had no idea she died. Thanks for the retrospective.


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