The Gorgeous Glori-Anne Gilbert! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has This “Bare Wench” And Her Best Film Parodies!

Celebrating One Of The Queens Of The Movie Parody!

There was a run of great film parodies in the 90’s and 00’s, led by Director Jim Wynowski, that featured some of my favorite “Cult Movie Queens”, like Julie K. Smith and Julie Strain…

Recently, while watching a terrific documentary about Wynowski, I discovered Glori-Anne Gilbert, who makes my latest “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown!”

Glori-Anne was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, and was an “A” student, as well as a Model and a beauty pageant contestant.

She wanted to go to Hollywood, which led to this great career!

In 1996, Glori-Anne got her first role in the erotic thriller “Evil Ambitions” – also known as “Satanic Yuppies”. Reviews online are not good, but it led to a career for Gilbert that ultimately resulted in her being in more than 35 films!

Here are some of the best!

“The Curse Of The Kimodo”

This 2004 sci-fi film was directed by Jim Wynorski under the pseudonym Jay Andrews. The plot is straightforward: on a tropical island, genetically mutated Komodo dragons are part of a secret government project – but things get out of control.

Check out the wildly entertaining trailer:

Gilbert found time to frolic in the water before the monster attacks, and she seems to be having a blast. She is also clearly proud to show herself off – a trait that would continue in other films as well:

“The Lust Connection”

In this 2005 film, a married man finds various women in Internet fantasy chats. When his buxom wife dies, he claims one of his lovers surely did it. Is it incidental that his wife’s identical twin fully sympathizes with his affairs?

This was written, produced and directed by Jim Wynowski…and he gave Glori-Anne a great role to show herself off as a sex kitten…

Several of her films with Wynorski have been re-packaged and sold as compilation DVDs as well:

Glori-Anne also found her niche as one of the Director’s group of Actress who appeared in a slew of film parodies with Wynorski like these:

“The Bare Wench Project”

It all began in 2000, when Wynorski directed this parody of “The Blair Witch Project.” That “found footage” classic was a huge hit: in Wynorski’s take, four sorority girls with large breasts hike into the wood with their guide Lunk to find out the true story behind the Bare Wench!

Ultimately, she appeared in 5 of these parody films based on “Blair Witch” with many of the same Actresses…

The filming of another parody was captured as part of the “Popatopolis” documentary about Director Wynorski, and you get to see great scenes with Gilbert, Julie K. Smith and more!

“The Witches Of Breastwick”

This parody of “The Witches Of Eastwick” was Wynorski’s attempt to make a film in only three days, which the documentary captures – from all angles!

The plot of the film: a man and wife are sucked into a whirlpool of supernatural sex by a trio of randy, well-endowed witches.

A “Tense” Group Of Witches!

Gilbert and Smith, along with Monique Parent, do a great job in the film – but there is clear tension on the set, as you see in the documentary…you see, Julie is vocal about her commitment to the craft of acting, and she seems frustrated with the Director because of one of the other Actresses in the film: Stormy Daniels!

Yes, THAT Stormy Daniels!

This was shot well before Stormy’s shenanigans with Donald Trump, but she was an “Adult” Actress at the time, and there seems to be friction on the set.

In the extensive “behind-the-scenes” moments shown in the “Popatopolis” documentary, Julie makes comments that seem clearly directed toward Daniels…who doesn’t seem to pay attention, or care about them…and in fact, Stormy does a pretty good job in the film and seems very chill on set.

Julie K. Smith’s frustration with the Director was countered with very nice comments about him as well, as they have worked together for years – and there is clear affection between them, what makes the documentary so compelling is that it’s all captured in the film.

Up next, another parody!

“The Breastford Wives”

Yes, the whole gang is back for another take on a successful film, in this case “The Stepford Wives.”

Gilbert and Frankie Cullen star as Rob and Laura, who move to the peaceful town of Breastford and soon find the women are insatiably sex-crazed.

Here’s a link to a short scene, with Glori-Anne sporting dark hair!

And the parodies didn’t end there:

“The House On Hooter Hill”

This 2007 parody of “House On Haunted Hill” stars Gilbert and tells the story of a house haunted by the sensual spirit of its drop-dead gorgeous, recently deceased owner – and becomes the setting for paranormal activity and ultra-erotic sensations that are out of this world!

In 2007, she hosted a series of direct to DVD horror films as Morella, “Ghost Hostess with the Mostest”, with five titles released between 2007 to 2013.

According to wikipedia, due to the low budgets of the movies, she would also work behind the scenes in lighting, and as a grip, makeup artist and production assistant as well as acting and hosting!

In 2010, she made one more film parody called “The Hill Have Thighs” – then, no more credits…I can’t find any update on what she has done since, but she left a great collection of films!

As I said, Glori-Anne appeared in a number of films with Julie K. Smith, who has an incredible career in cult cinema as well…click here to see some of her greatest hits!

Julie Strain also appeared in some of these films as well as the “Popatopolis” documentary as well:

This Julie also had a great career in cult film, one of the great Cult Movie Queens of all time, and I highlighted some of her best roles here:

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Let me know how many of these great “B” movies and videos you’ve seen, and bravo to Glori-Anne for a great career!

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  1. I had never heard of her before, John. She certainly had a ‘body for film’ though! Nice tribute.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’ve known Glori only from her photography/modeling and became instantly infatuated with her beauty. I can’t recall ever finding any of her movies.

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