Lina Romay’s “Shining Sex!” This Jess Franco Gem Has Shocking Outtakes On New Severin Films Blu-Ray!

Lina Romay’s Most Fearless Performance!

The creative partnership between Director Jess Franco and Spanish born Actress Lina Romay was a wild cinematic trip for fans of cult film.

Lina acted in over 100 Franco films in her career. One biography describes her this way:

“Lina nonetheless naturally projected an extremely brazen, earthy, and uninhibited screen presence that was both alluring and captivating in equal measure. In fact, her open, unabashed, and downright aggressive sexuality even led to her willing and enthusiastic participation in explicit scenes in hardcore porno fare.”

Well, I have seen it now with my own two eyes, thanks to a terrific new Severin Films release of one of Franco’s more obscure films – loaded with some of the most provocative outtakes ever:

His 1977 film “Shining Sex” has just been released on a remastered blu-ray that is packed with extra bonus material – including XXX-rated outtakes!

“Shining Sex” is a science fiction film, but that’s really not the point of it. The point of this film is to lovingly caress Lina’s nude body with a movie camera for almost two hours.

Lina delivers a tour de force performance as a nightclub performer – but her “act” involves erotic dancing to music, where she exposes every inch of her body – for lengthy periods of time!

She is spotted in a resort hotel floor show by the mysterious Alpha and her lover Andros. Lina agrees to go to their suite for a threesome, but instead – well, as one review site says:

“She is treated to a brainwashing orgasm by Alpha, a being from another dimension known as “The Shades of the Night”, who turns Cynthia’s genitals into a death trap to seduce and kill those human beings who have knowledge of their existence.”

Yes, that is the plot of “Shining Sex”, but to be clear, this film exists for one reason: to show every single inch of Lina’s nude body in loving closeup…

In the first half hour of the film, Lina is nude for at 25 minutes – COMPLETELY NUDE.



This rare Jess Franco film has a COMPLETELY uninhibited performance by Lina!

We will discover that Lina is being used to kill the alien’s enemies – we know because several times during the film someone will find a reason to explain it to someone else…

Lina is slowly brainwashed, and begins to carry out orders from her captors. We see her slowly begin to change – because shiny colored glitter begins to appear on her body…

Franco clearly loves Romay’s body, because he glides across it in scene after scene – there is never too much time between sex scenes.

I read that the lead Actor was Romay’s husband at the time, but the other stand performance is from Evelyn Scott as Alpha – who is also willing to bare all in one of the film’s numerous lesbian scenes…

Director Franco also shows up in the film as wheelchair-bound Dr. Seward, who attempts to prevent the takeover of the Earth from the beyond.

And the ending has another of those incredible Romay screams of agony that she has shown in other films like “Lorna The Exorcist”:

“Shining Sex” is a somewhat confounding film, a confusing plot made acceptable by the compellingly nude performance by Lina Romay – and of course a nice tour of some of Franco’s favorite locations during that time of his career, which leads us to some of the fantastic Severin bonus material:

Severin’s Great Bonus Material!

Here’s what comes with this new release:

English language trailer for the film (3 minutes 40 seconds)

An interview with filmmaker Christophe Gans (29 minutes 13 seconds, in French with English subtitles)

An interview with producer Daniel Lesoeur titled “Franco at Eurocine” (17 minutes 39 seconds, in English)

An interview with filmmaker Gerard Kikoine titled “Never Met Franco” (6 minutes 26 seconds, in French with English subtitles)

An interview with Stephen Thrower (Author two Franco film books) in a documentary called “Shining Jess” (19 minutes 14 seconds)

A new featurette that looks at some of the film’s locations titled “In the Land of Franco Part 3” (12 minutes 42 seconds, in English and Spanish with English subtitles)

An audio commentary with authors/pod-casters Robert Monell and Rod Barnett.

But the wildest extra here is this:

Very NSFW XXX outtakes (13 minutes 10 seconds)

Yes, graphic XXX-rated material, including lesbian couplings, oral sex and a few graphic penetration shots as well. Material apparently too graphic to use in the film at the time!

One last gem here is a bonus CD, “Daniel J. White: In the Land of Franco Vol. 1,” which compiles 14 haunting music tracks from various Franco films.

What a great release – bravo once again Severin!

This wasn’t Severin’s first time giving us graphic Franco/Romay material:

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Severin releases beautifully done remastered versions of cult cinema with terrific bonus material…here’s another example:

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  1. Franco certainly knew how to make ‘borderline porno’ into a film that could be shown in cinemas. And Lina was just the woman for the job.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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