Angela “Boom Boom” Aames! This 80’s Cult Movie Queen’s Wild Career And Shocking Death!

The Shocking Death Of Actress Angela Aames…

Hollywood is a tough town, and it’s doubly sad when a bright light is extinguished way too soon….that’s the case with the successful cult career and shockingly tragic death of an 80’s Cult Movie Queen…

Celebrating The Life Of Angela Aames!

Angela Aames was born February 27, 1956 – and starting out in entertainment, she had a very serious career. As IMDB reports:

Her thespian training included stints at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and Harvey Lembeck’s Comedy Workshop, and stage appearances in such theatrical fare as “Of Mice and Men”, “The Lion in Winter”, “A Midsummer Nights Dream”, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, “Tartuffe”, “The Pleasure of his Company”, “Dark of the Moon” and “The Women”.

This is serious stuff, right?

However, it was her bright, cheerful personality and sexy demeanor that popped on screen, and led her down a much more raucous career path, beginning with a substantial role in a “very adult” fairy tale:

“Fairy Tales!”

That’s right: Angela’s first film role was as a very sexy Little Bo Peep in the 1979 comedy “Fairy Tales!”

As you can see, the camera loved her, and she was comfortable showing off for it.

Check out their raucous movie trailer:

Angela was stunning in her Bo Peep outfit, and this film was released at a time when there were many “adult” takes on classic fairy tales…remember this one?

Yep, this X-rated “Alice In Wonderland starred the gorgeous Kristin DeBell, and it was released in a number of different edits – see the wild trailer by clicking on my story here:

For Aames, this role helped her gain visibility, and she was off and running in a variety of sexy roles!

“Boom Boom” Indeed!

That same year, Angela scored another great role as Linda “Boom-Boom” Bangs in the comedy movie “H.O.T.S.”

These films were hugely popular at the time – raucous teen sex comedies that celebrated life in college – no holds barred!

Check out the trailer:

This raucous sex comedy focused on the wild escapades of the women of H.O.T.S. Sorority – perfect drive-in fodder for the time!

Along with cult films like these, Angela was appearing in Tv shows and more mainstream films as well.

She had a small role in the classic 1983 film “Scarface”, as well as the movie “All The Marbles.”

Angela Aames, Raven De La Croix and Melanie Vincz in The Lost Empire (1984)

She had a role in the 1983 fantasy adventure “The Lost Empire”, directed by Jim Wynorski.

In 1983, she appeared on Cinemax’s “Likely Stories”, playing an 80-foot-tall Giantess!

She also became a very popular pinup Model at the time.

But, for many, her biggest mainstream success came in a memorable opening scene with Tom Hanks!

Angela’s “Bachelor Party!”

In the opening credits of the 1984 comedy “Bachelor Party”, Angela appears in a photography studio as a buxom mother having baby pictures taken with her child, along with the bachelors.

Angela’s Shocking Death…

So much was happening for the Actress, with TV and film appearances – when tragedy struck.

Angels was found dead at a friend’s home in LA’s San Fernando Valley on November 27, 1988.

The coroner ruled that her death was a result of a deterioration of the heart muscle, probably caused by a virus.

She was only 32 years old at the time of her death!

Such a horrible loss under strange circumstances, but little else is known about her death…

Ultimately, Angela only appeared in ten films, but was also in a wide variety of TV shows, from “Work & Mindy” to “Cheers” and many more.

She was in the great 1986 horror film “Chopping Mall”, along with Barbara Crampton – but Barbara’s story is more more upbeat, as she still acts, appears at conventions and has a robust social media footprint.

Crampton also starred in many other cult gems, and you can see trailers for all of them by clicking on my story here:

I mentioned that Angela was in an adult fairy tale, and it reminded me of this newspaper ad I found:

Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith starred in this adult take on the classic story – very adult…

Cheryl also died way too soon…see more of her story by clicking on my link:

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16 replies

  1. I remember her well, “Bachelor Party” was a favorite of mine that was a staple on early Cinemax. I’m also a big fan of “Lost Empire”. Great read as usual.


  2. She went from ‘serious’ theatre to exploitation roles. I wonder how many others have trodden that path? A sad death at a young age. Nice tribute, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Do ALL of your Sex Kittens have saggy bags?🤔


  4. Angela’s charm, beauty and bosom has never been duplicated. She was the obvious reason to watch a movie called Fairy Tales. Who could forget her from HOTS and Lost Empire as well. Playboy should have had her for a guest pictorial. What a shame she died so young…and still looking so sexy!

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