My Judy Matheson Interview In “Grindhouse Purgatory” Magazine Is Here! This “Hammer Glamour” Queen Has “Lust For A Vampire”!

The New Issue Of Grindhouse Purgatory is Here!

First, check out the incredibly vivid and colorful cover of the new “Grindhouse Purgatory” magazine! And just what is “Grindhouse?”

If you are a fan of cult cinema – and you should be – then you know that the “Grindhouse” era of the 70’s and 80’s was a wonderland of cult cinema…this is what New York’s 42nd street movie district looked like then:

Theaters lined up showing some of the wildest cinema there was – from action films to horror, exploitation and adult films…called “grind houses” because they stayed open all day and night, “grinding” out shocking films for jaded audiences – and one Historian has kept that era alive, thanks to his great magazine:

“Grindhouse Pete” covers all kinds of cinema, and it’s safe for work too: it’s an appreciation of cult cinema and the “Cult Movie Queens” who starred in them, like Judy Matheson!

The newest issue is out and it includes my in-depth interview with Judy, now known as Judy Jarvis, who shared great stories about the films – and stars – she has worked with!

You can buy the magazine here at Pete’s Facebook page:

You can also order Pete’s terrific memoir directly from the Publisher here as well:

Use one of these two methods as it ensures that Pete gets full value for his work! Speaking of Pete, here is his YouTube “preview” of the issue!

I was honored to be part of this latest issue, because it gave me a great chance to talk to a great “Hammer Glamour Queen!”

Celebrating Judy Matheson!

My interview with Judy is featured in the magazine, and it was great to get her insight on a fascinating career in entertainment!

Judy has had a great career – including some Hammer horror classics!

While she got her start in the late 60’s in several critically-acclaimed films, her cult movie career took off in the early ’70s, when she appeared in the classic Hammer Horror films “Lust for a Vampire” and “Twins of Evil.”

These are two great Hammer horror films, as the studio was trying to “modernize” their approach to horror with more erotic subtext and bloody violence, while still adhering to the gothic approach to their films.

Here is the trailer for “Lust For A Vampire”:

Judy followed her role up with “Twins Of Evil”, the last film in the Karnstein trilogy that also included “The Vampire Lovers”.

“Twins Of Evil” is another great gothic horror film from Hammer!

Here is the trailer:

Judy’s character had some problems in “Twins Of Evil”, unfortunately – as you can see, she didn’t fare well in the movie:

When you read my interview with her, you’ll get a much better idea of just how historic this scene was for her to film!

Matheson went on to star in a number of cult classics in the years that followed, including “The Flesh and Blood Show”:

This is a gritty little thriller: a group of Actors move into an abandoned theater to rehearse a play..and then someone begins to pick them off one by one:

“The Flesh And Blood Show” is a twisted little thriller, although in her interview, Judy tells me the role didn’t really give her much to do…but there were so many other roles as well, and if you want to see more clips and movie trailers from her career, click on my story about Judy’s entire career here:

Bravo Judy on your incredible career, which continues today!

Working in the British Film industry, Judy got to work with a lot of great stars, who have also become great friends, like Caroline Munro:

Caroline was not only a Bond girl, but starred in some great thrillers like “Maniac” and more – see them all by clicking on my story about her here:

Another of Judy’s lifelong friends is Oscar-winning Actress Helen Mirren:

Julie and Helen worked together in the early days, and have stayed close ever since – if you want to see some of Helen’s most provocative roles in films like “Savage Messiah” and “The Cook The Thief The Wife & His Lover”, click on my story here:

Finally, am one the many stories in the new issue of Grindhouse Purgatory is a review of “Darker Than Amber”:

This has the most realistic fight scene ever captured on film – because it was real! Find out how the two stars got so worked up they ended up in real fisticuffs – and see the scene as well – plus a look at Actress Suzy Kendall’s part in the film as well – just click on my story here:

If you like these stories, go to my website’s front page and sign on to follow me – there are NO ads at all, just lots of stories to come about the wild world of exploitation and cult films!

Click here and see the “follow” button on the upper right!

So kudos to Judy Matheson, now Judy Jarvis…what a great collection of films and a terrific career – buy Grindhouse Purgatory Magazine to get her thoughts on it all!

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  1. Judy was a sultry brunette at a time when blonde stars were all the rage. Great to see her career has endured ever since.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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