Celebrating “Frankenhooker” Patty Mullen! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Shows Off Her “Doom Asylum!”

Who Wants A “Frankenhooker” For Halloween?

I do!

I love “Shocktober” for a lot of reasons: classic horror like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and sexy, campy horror gems like “Frankenhooker!”

My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” celebrates the horror career of Actress Patty Mullen, best known for her starring role in the 1990 film “Frankenhooker”, as well as for her dual role in the 1987 film “Doom Asylum.”

Then that’s it! What happened?

Let’s take a look at her revealing, yet very short-lived career!

The Very Brief Career Of Patty Mullen!

The incredibly beautiful Patty Mullen was an Actress and Model from Staten Island. Shockingly, she only made two films!

Mullen only appeared in two films, then dropped out of the movie business – but fans had a lot of additional chances to see her.

Patty first turned heads with a steamy nude pictorial as a “Pet of the Month” in the August 1986 issue of “Penthouse.”

Patty Was “Pet Of The Year!”

Mullen was hugely popular in the adult men’s magazine.

She was named Pet of the Year in 1987; she later graced the cover of and did a follow-up pictorial in the January, 1988 issue of “Penthouse” as well.

Mullen then headed to the movie business, landing a dual role as Judy and Kiki LaRue in the 80’s slasher send-up “Doom Asylum.”

The plot is a pure 80’s slasher:

A horribly disfigured lawyer, wrongfully pronounced dead after a terrible car accident, is taken to an asylum for dissection, only to come back alive, kill everyone, and make the asylum his killing grounds.

Check out the trailer:

As fun as “Doom Asylum” was, it was Patty’s other starring role that has cemented her place in cult movie history!

Mullen gives a hilarious performance as the lovely yet lethal street walker in the tongue-in-cheek horror comedy “Frankenhooker!”

Mullen’s assured performance make this film a cult gem!

Here is the trailer:

The plot is simple: a grieving Medical student tries to recreate his decapitated fiancée by building her a new body!

Oh, he made one big mistake: he re-built her using Manhattan street prostitutes!

Writer/Director Frank Henenlotter is one of our great cult film treasures with movies like “Basket Case” and “Brain Damage” – and according to online trivia about “Frankenhooker”, Henenlotter actually improvised the basic story at a pitch meeting to sell the movie!

“Frankenhooker” only cost $1.5 million to make. In fact, the Producers told him they had used up all of the allotted funds for pyrotechnics during the exploding hookers scene to which he replied “How the fuck am I gonna film the lab scene?!” He ended up calling in a favor to do some “unlicensed pyrotechnics” for the shoot. Lorinz recalls the guy finishing the setup and telling him “Don’t worry, it’s maybe safe.”

After the success of “Frankenhooker”, Mullen appeared as a judge in the TV wrestling program “Clash of the Champions.” Outside of one other TV performance, that was it!

So what happened? According to online reports, the Actress moved to Florida to raise two daughters. But she hasn’t disappeared completely.

More recently, Mullen was featured in a nine minute interview segment in the Special Edition DVD of “Frankenhooker.”

She still makes personal appearances, has an Instagram page that is active and hopefully, once the pandemic subsides, we will see more of her!

Mullen should be proud of her contribution to cult cinema, just like so many of the other Cult Movie Queens – like this “Hollywood Chainsaw Hooker”:

Michelle Bauer is one of the great cult Actresses, and you can see all of her best work by clicking on my story here:


Michelle’s good friend on many films was the iconic Brinke Stevens:

Brinke was a great Actress, and a Marine Biologist too! Yes, she was!

Click here to see all of her revealing work!


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Don’t forget to gas up for some fun this Halloween – and watch “Frankenhooker!”

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  1. “Want a date? Want a date?” Love FRANKENHOOKER. I’ve been curious about DOOM ASYLUM. Thanks for the post.


  2. I still haven’t seen Frankenhooker’, and have never heard of ‘Doom Asylum’. But you know I always enjoy these wacky features, John. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. nice tits


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