Sex Kitten Sondra Currie Says Check Out The “Class of ’74!” Drive-In Double Bill Has “Women In Cages” Co-Feature!

“They TAUGHT More Than They Learned!”

Who WOULDN’T want to see this film – especially as part of a wild drive-in double bill!

I collected newspaper ads for films when I was growing up – many were “R”-rated, and my friends and I tried many times to sneak in to see them…sometimes I was successful – many times not – but we never stopped trying, like this double bill:

“Class Of 74!”

This 1972 exploitation film was perfect drive-in fodder: four young modern women in college set out to explore all that life has to give – as the ad says:

“The passion and violence of the hot blooded co-eds!”

Check out the trailer:

You get the idea: young women exploring their sexuality as they had to college…exactly the kind of drive-in movies that my friends and I longed to see…

And how about this? Star Pat Woodell, shown here in the middle of the photo, starred in the 60’s hick comedy “Petticoat Junction” as Bobby Jo Bradley!

Woodell appeared in several other exploitation films like “The Roomates” and “The Big Doll House” as well!

Now the bad news: the reviews I have found online were NOT good at all – but when you are in a car full of friends, you don’t pay attention to the film much anyway, right?

Sex Kitten Sondra Currie!

Sex kitten Sondra Currie also starred, and was a beautiful Actress:

She went on to make a number of cult films, and as you can see the camera loved her…

The co-feature of this drive-in double bill was actually much better, especially with dialogue like this!

“No one escapes from my prison, no one!”

“Women In Cages”

Framed by her vicious drug-dealing boyfriend, Rudy, innocent Carol “Jeff” Jeffries finds herself behind bars in a dark Philippine prison somewhere in the lush jungles of Manila. There, always under the thumb of the sadistic lesbian warden, Alabama, played by Pam Grier!

As the trailer says:

“White Skin On The Black Market!”

Check it out!

Naturally, the prisons were brutal – except they always gave the prisoners plenty of time to shower:

Quentin Tarantino named Patricia Arquette “Alabama” in “True Romance” to pay homage to Grier’s character name in this film!

By the way, I don’t remember that Pam Grier was evil in most of her films, but it was fun to watch her get payback!

Of course, the greatest Pam Grier prison film was this one:

Yes, Pam Grier and Margaret Markov were chained together and on the run from bad cops!

See the trailer and much more by clicking on my story here:

Speaking of “women in prison” movies, one of my recent “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” subjects was in one of the best ones of all with Pam!

Roberta Collins shared a show with Grier in “The Big Doll House”, and went on to make many more classic cult films – see more of her by clicking on my story here:

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Let me know if you had the chance to see great Exploitaiton drive-in double bills like this one, and if you like the story, share with friends!

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  1. You continue to find some cult classics among those ‘bad’ films, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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