The Voluptuous Janet Lupo! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her Biggest Hits!

Celebrating Voluptuous Beauty Janet Lupo!

My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” has focused mainly on Cult Movie Queens, but there have also been some incredible sex kittens who didn’t act, mainly got their fame by being Models – but still made a “BIG” impression!

Celebrating Janet Lupo’s Great Life And Career!

The photos I found of Janet are just stunning. Clearly the camera loved her – but she didn’t get caught up in show business. Instead, she carved a terrific career out for herself after her Modeling success.

Janet Paula Lupo was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. She graduated from Hoboken High School and attended the Parisian Beauty Academy in Hackensack, New Jersey as a cosmetology major – before her natural beauty took her on a different path.

Playmate Janet!

Lupo got a job as a Playboy Bunny at Playboy’s Great Gorge Resort hotel in McAfee, New Jersey in April, 1974.

Janet achieved her greatest enduring popularity as the Playmate of the Month for November, 1975.

Lupo then traveled the world to promote Playboy – and as you can see from the pictures, she was a very worthy choice…

In 1977, Janet moved to Key Biscayne Florida, and begin working as a flight attendant.

While many of the Models of that day were ending up in film and TV, that wasn’t Janet’s path.

Fame kept calling, as Lupo posed for several Playboy reunion pictorials in the early 1980’s.

She had a natural beauty that made her a favorite.

In 1981 Janet returned to New Jersey and got a real estate license and worked in that field for the next two decades. Clearly, she was smart as well as beautiful.

She also became a cosmetologist in 1986 and had a son in 1986.

Janet also founded her own business Fountain of Youth Body Oil. She was smart and focused, but sadly, tragedy struck…

Lupo died at age 67 from cancer in 2017 – a sad end to a great career, both on the pages of magazines and in the business world…

Janet’s figure was certainly eye-catching, but I was more impressed with the business career she built for herself, and for not getting wrapped up in Hollywood.

She reminded me of another Model:

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RIP Janet Lupo, and thank you for leaving us with your eternal beauty…

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  1. Glad to hear that Janet escaped being caught up in the sex film industry. She was certainly stunning, and it is sad that she died relatively young.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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