Cruising “Van Nuys Blvd.” With Sex Kitten Cynthia Wood! Here Is Her Iconic “Apocalypse Now” Dance!

Sometimes, you see a film and come across someone who pops onscreen, but when you look them up, you find very little about them….well, this “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” pays tribute to one of those Cult Movie Queens!

Celebrating Cynthia Wood!

Cynthia Wood was born in Burbank California is 1950. She grew up in an entertainment household, as her father Harold was a recording executive and her mother Erma was an actress.

Cynthia went to college as a music major but switched to theater, and like many aspiring Actresses in the early 70’s, her natural beauty landed her in Playboy magazine.

Wood was the Playmate of the Month in the February 1973, and was named Playmate of the Year in 1974. That led to a few movies, roles, beginning with her film debut as a beauty shop customer in the Warren Beatty film “Shampoo.”

Cynthia got her biggest role as sassy spitfire Moon in the cult drive-in movie “Van Nuys Blvd.”

Check out this trailer:

A small-town kid hears about the wild nights of cruising the boulevard in Van Nuys, California. He drives out there to check it out, and gets involved with drag racers, topless dancers and bikers.

According to IMDB, Director William Sachs agreed to write and direct the film based on a list of requirements from Crown International Pictures, including a certain required amount of nudity!

Movie fans will also remember Cynthia for her small but very memorable moment in the brilliant 1979 anti-war film from Francis Ford Coppola, “Apocalypse Now:”

One of the most bizarre moments in the film is when Playboy Playmates are flown in to a remote military base in Vietnam to entertain the troops, and Cynthia was memorable as one of the dancing Playmates – note that this part was greatly expanded in the 2001 “Redux” version of the movie.

Moreover, Wood appeared on various TV shows at that time as well…and ten years after being named Playmate Of The Year, she made a return to the pages of Playboy:

Cynthia Wood left acting and becomes a casting Agent, so remained in the business for years afterwards.

Bravo to Cyndi for her work both in front of and behind the camera…she didn’t have a lot of credits, but she made a memorable impression regardless…she’s one of my “2020 Sex Kittens” who got our attention while never become c major star, like Susanne Benton:

Susanne Benton appeared in a few classic films in the 70’s, and you can see them all by clicking on my story here:

Here’s another one: Rae Sperling only appeared in two films, but what appearances they were!

Click here to see the two cult gems she appeared in, and why did she disappear?

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen either of Cynthia’s films!

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9 replies

  1. I know the scene from Apocalypse Now very well. But I had no idea who she was. Thanks for another interesting tribute, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’m 70. I have strong opinions on what were the best years/decade.
    I favour the natural girls, esp the 1970’s gals… and there were few better than Cynthia Wood (Cyndi as she was originally known)
    Actually I found out she went on to educate herself, got a doctorate and was a teacher/lecturer after she got right away from CA and anyone recognizing her. Today, retired, she writes for a local newspaper in N.C. doing the gardening column which has become her first love. it seems. She’s an expert on local flora and a keen photographer. She has hardly changed..slim, quite elegant, perfect bone structure, seems no children and sadly refuses to reply to any emails that are sent to her.
    Have a recent pic if you are interested.

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  3. Forgot to mention your 3rd photo from the top is not Cynthia Wood.
    Wrong body, legs (too long) and face structure..sorry.


  4. Roger Corman had nothing to do with Van Nuys Blvd. The film was a Crown International release.

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