Who Loves Antonia Dorian? I Do! From “Dinosaurs” To Julie Strain And “The Bare Wench” Too!

Celebrating the Wild Cult Film Career Of Antonia Dorian!

The world of cult cinema is filled with Actresses who make a big mark on cult film fans, and Antonia Dorian is no exception!

Antonia was born in 1967 in Winchester, Virginia as Aphrodite Antonia Dorian.

“Aphrodite” Indeed!

What a great first name!

As I highlight many of my favorite Cult Movie Queens, I am also coming across Actresses like Antonia – who I didn’t know well, but wanted to find out more!

Let’s look at some of her great cult films!

The Actress has more than twenty film credits – including some of our favorite cult gems…beginning with this terrific fantasy:

“Dinosaur Island!”

One of her early films was the 1994 cult movie “Dinosaur Island”, directed by two cult film legends – Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski!

Antonia looked great as a “cave girl”…and the film is a terrific cult film in the vein of “1,000,000 Years B.C.”

This was one of many collaborations that Antonia had with those Directors, and as you can see, the camera really loved her.

Check out the trailer:

Michelle Bauer starred and we love her, don’t we?

You can see more of Michelle revealing work by clicking on my story here:


Antonia also got the chance to show it all off in this 1997 film “The Exotic Time Machine”.

“The Exotic Time Machine”

Dorian co-starred in this film with one of the most iconic Cult Movie Queens of all, Julie Strain!

In this 1995 film, Jealous witch Erica uses her powers to influence her unwitting husband Larry and his colleagues, who all work for a big law firm.

Linda Blair also stars – yes, Linda Blair! Check out the trailer!

Strain was at the top of her game at this time, and who knows why Linda Blair appeared, except perhaps for th paycheck – still, it’s a fun 90’s erotic thriller!

Julie’s one of the great Cult Movie Queens of all time, and I highlighted some of her best roles here:


Back to a very busy Antonia:

The Actress worked again with Director Wynowski on some of his successful film parodies, like this one:

The Bare Wench Project!

Director Jim Wynorski had a great run of sexy film parodies like this 2000 effort, which also had unrated DVD editions as well.

As IMDB says with a straight face:

“Four sorority girls with large breasts hike into the wood with their guide Lunk to find out the true story behind the Bare Wench.”

These goofy parodies gave the Actresses a lot of time to have fun, be themselves, and of course, show themselves off as well!

Of course, the terrific Actress Julie K. Smith was the star of that film, and you see much of her great career as well by clicking on my story here:


In fact, a number of these terrific Actresses showed up in a number of parodies, including this one:

“The Witches Of Breastwick”

I have highlighted this film before, as it starred Monique Parent, Julie K. Smith, Glori-Anne Gilbert along with Dorian.

A man and wife are sucked into a whirlpool (in the wife’s case, hot tub) of supernatural sex by a trio of randy, well-endowed witches.

Another Actress in this genre was the terrific Glori-Anne Gilbert, on the right in the shot above – and yes, that’s Stormy Daniels on the right!

Gilbert also had a great run of fun movie spoofs like this:

You can see a lot more of Glori-Anne by clicking on my story here:


Dorian was appearing in a wide range of movies and TV projects, as well as some very revealing photos shoots as well:

Bravo to Antonia for a great career, most of which can be streamed or bought today!

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Let me know how many of these great “B” movies and videos you’ve seen, and bravo to Antonia Dorian for a great career!

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  1. I haven’t seen any of those films, John. But I can certainly see why Antionai got the parts!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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