Celebrating #Deucember “Bare Behind Bars!” A Month Of Grindhouse Fun Is Right Here!

“Deucember” Is Here!

It’s my favorite month of the year: for an entire month, the terrific Grindhouse Cinema Database website is showcasing “Deucember” – a month of classic Grindhouse films!

You can click here for more details – it’s such a great website celebrating cult cinema from the greatest era of classic cult films in cinematic history!


Here is my first selection – a “women in prison” film that just may be the wildest one I’ve ever seen!

Time To Get “Bare Behind Bars!”

Boy, was I unprepared for this!

“Bare Behind Bars” is a 1980 “Women In Prison” grindhouse classic from Brazil, written and directed by Oswaldo de Oliveira. The film stars Maria Stella Splendore, Marta Anderson and Danielle Ferrite.

I bought a copy from a cult movie company, and didn’t realize that this was what I was getting!

“Uncut” And Behind Bars – With No Clothes!

To put it simply: I think this is the most naked and perverted “WIP” film of all time! There is barely a minute of the film where an inmate isn’t naked, being tortured, showering, or being examined by a Doctor – naked!

The plot is as simple as these movies usually are: inside a dirty women’s prison in Brazil, the inmates are young and beautiful, and the warden is a sadist.

Oh, and she always leaves her uniform unbuttoned, while the guards love to torture the inmates, and the nurse likes to do VERY INVASIVE exams. You know, standard “Women In Prison” stuff – except:

These Prisoners Are REALLY REALLY CLEAN!

Yes, there are more shower scenes in this film than a gym hygiene movie! They shower ALL THE TIME – and always in large groups!

A few other things to point out: the convicts wear very revealing smocks with very few buttons. None of them wear underwear. You know that because they keep showing them without any!

As one review put it succinctly:

“They are alternately murderous and orgiastic with each other, and they engage in sex play with some of the guards. The warden pimps out inmates to wealthy lesbians.”

So there’s that – for the first two thirds of the film, it’s nudity, showers, torture, physical examinations (lots of them) and sex.

Suddenly however, three inmates stage an escape. I won’t tell you what happens then, but but from that point on, there is a surprising amount of graphic sexual activity!

Here’s something that may shock you: I actually thought there was TOO MUCH NUDITY!

Listen, I love grindhouse cinema – and the “women in prison” genre had a great run – but this is a virtual non-stop barrage of nudity and sexual situations – and it gets more and more graphic by the end of the film – material that is very briefly hardcore!

Blue Underground does a terrific job with this release, and they are right – it’s uncut, and I think it’s the most shocking of all of the “WIP” films.

This reminded me of another classic “Women In Prison” film from the 70’s:

Yes, Jack Hill directed the “Godfather Of WIP” Pictures with “The Bill Doll House” – Pam Grier was in it, and of course, she showered frequently:

This wasn’t Pam’s only time behind bars: this classic “women in prison” movie updated “The Defiant Ones”:

The 70’s Blaxploitation films gave empowered women like Pam Grier plenty of opportunity to kick ass – and sheer as well…see more here:


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Let me know what you think of the “Women In Prison” craze, and make sure to go check out this terrific “Deucember” cult film event!

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  1. Bare Behind Bars was shown on mainstream TV here, on Film 4. It was hardly cut at all, and though they showed a dubbed version, they used the original foreign language title. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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