Happy 79th Birthday To Barbara Bouchet! Her Iconic “Caliber 9” Dance And “Cry Of A Prostitute” Role!

Sex kitten Barbara Bouchet

“Nudity has never been a problem with me. Nor was it a problem at home…”

Well, anyone who says that is clearly destined to become an iconic Cult Movie Queen!


Happy 79th Birthday To Barbara Bouchet!

Barbara Bouchet uttered those words and lived up to them in a terrific movie career! She was born on August 15th, 1943, and has lived a full 79 years!

Let’s dig in to her incredible career!

She has acted in more than 80 films and television episodes and founded a production company that has produced fitness videos and books as well!

iconic sex kitten barbara bouchet

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Bouchet’s career…

Sex And The Single Girl!


Bouchet got her Hollywood start with a small part in this light-hearted but saucy comedy in the mid-60’s, but it was one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises that gave her huge exposure:

Barbara Bouchet Casino Royale

Miss Moneypenny in “Casino Royale!”

That’s right, Bouchet starred in this unique all-star James Bond “comedy”, and very “unofficial” James Bond film at a time when rights to the books were in dispute, and this very campy Bond film was released:


This “all-star” James Bond spoof starred David Niven as Bong, and included a very young Woody Allen, and Barbara Bouchet co-starred as a very sexy Miss Moneypenny! Here she is with Allen, in a movie still I found online that was signed for a fan!

Barbara Bouchet Woody Allen

This film is not part of the “official” Bond series, but it is a snapshot of the swinging 60’s, and Bouchet had fun in the role…and would soon be much more revealing as well.

The Actress gave an extensive interview to “Shock Cinema”, where she discussed her career…and what it was like shooting “Casino” in a very prim and proper London:

“And being in England, I was missing the sun. One day I went out and laid in Hyde Park in my bikini and got arrested. You can’t do that – at least not back then!”

Star Trek sex kittens

Beam Her Up, Scotty!

Bouchon also had a role in a TV episode of “Star Trek” – as you can see here in this scene with Capt. Kirk.

As with most beautiful Actresses at the time, Playboy came calling, and Barbara found herself on the cover of many international editions:

At this point, Bouchet’s career began to flourish in Europe, where she starred in a number of hit movies, like this Euro thriller:


Cry Of A Prostitute!

Barbara starred in this italian thriller which really doesn’t have anything to do with prostitution – they allude to that as her past job before meeting her husband – but it’s a gritty Italian thriller that gives the Actress a chance to act.

Cry Of A Prostitute

Well, hard not to imagine what they were thinking when Barbara ate this banana…this is a classic slice of euro-sleaze…a somewhat convoluted plot about rival gangs staging a turf war with Barbara popping g up to showcase her sexuality…

With these films and her appearances in Playboy, Bouchet was a big international star:

Next up was one of her biggest hits, with a scene that became an iconic moment for the Actress:

caliber 9 italian giallo

The Italian Giallo, “Caliber 9”!

A gritty italian crime thriller made Bouchet a star…not only was Director Fernado Di Leo’s movie a huge box office hit, but it showcased the Actress in a perfect way…

Caliber 9 Barbara Bouchet

Bouchet played a go go dancer, and the camera loves her as she dances…as she told Shock magazine:

“I did that dance scene in a real nightclub, and it was closed to the press…next thing you know, a picture of me on that dancing cube all over the newspapers. Somebody took it and printed it.”

barbara bouchet sexy dancing

Here is a youtube clip of the classic scene, but I also encourage you to buy the film, which has been remastered on blu-ray and is a great film:

barbara bouchet go go dancing

Bouchon went on to star in a number of classic italian thrillers, including “Black Belly Of The Tarantula!”


This is a classic italian thriller – a great title, lots of sex and violence, and a distinct filming style…and the added bonus was that Bouchet was nude for much of the film…

classic movie nudity

As Bouchet tells SHOCK:

“Nudity has never been a problem with me. Nor was it a problem at home…”

And for that, cult movie fans have loved her!

black belly of the tarantula nudity

Bouchet also starred in the italian giallo, “Don’t Torture A Ducking”, which is also considered a classic…

italian giallo-yellow book

Bouchet’s popularity continued for decades before she retired from film…but many of her classic performances live on blu-ray!

barbra bouchet naked

She now owns and operates a fitness studio, but a legendary Director coaxed her back onto the big screen…


Martin Scorsese was a huge fan and put Barbara in “Gangs Of New York!” Here is what he said to her on the first day of filming:

“Miss Bouchet, thank you very much for accepting your part in this picture. I’ve seen a lot of your films.”

That comment stunned her…and she looks great in the movie!

barbara bouchet gans of new york

Bouchet wasn’t the only “Bond girl” to have a long career:

Ursula Andress was the very first “Bond Girl” in “Dr. NO” – and she did a number of Playboy photo shoots as well…you can click here to see more:

One of the most beautiful “Bond Girls” was Tanya Roberts:

Tanya also graced the pages of Playboy.

See more of her revealing career by clicking on my story here:

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So dip into Bouchet’s movie catalogue – there are some great performances here from one of the 70’s most under-rated actresses!

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  1. I was reasonably familiar with her career at one time, and delighted to see her appear in ‘Gangs of New York’ too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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