#Deucember Has Linda Hayden’s Revealing “Blood On Satan’s Claw”! This Actress Bares All In This Moody Shocker!

“Deucember” Continues!

It’s my favorite month of the year: for an entire month, the terrific Grindhouse Cinema Database website is showcasing “Deucember” – a month of classic Grindhouse films!

Today, I’m going to dip into a early 70’s gem that was filmed in England and is steeped in that eerie, gritty vibe – and has a mesmerizing performance by Linda Hayden!

“There is growing amongst you all an insolent ungodliness, which I will not tolerate!”


Thanks to Severin Films, one of the best cult gems of the early 70’s is being remastered and released for a whole new generation to love!

“Blood On Satan’s Claw!”

This 1971 shocker is set in 17th century England – and it tells the story of the children of a village who slowly convert into a coven of devil worshipers!

Linda Hayden stars as the schoolgirl who has a dark secret: she is leading her fellow students into devil worship!

You don’t see Hayden at the top of the film, as it begins with another story that introduces the evil in the town.

Originally, the film was going to have three separate stories, but they were ultimately linked together in the film….that said, each does have it owns narrative for a bit, but ultimately result in a perfect whole!

Oh, and no wonder the Reverend was concerned, as Hayden shows up in church one night like this:

As the Reverend Fallowfield proclaims:

“There is growing amongst you all an insolent ungodliness, which I will not tolerate!”

Well, too late to turn back now!

Hayden seems to be having a blast playing this “evil” sex kitten, who casts a spell over her schoolmates!

Ultimately, the kids all gather to make an “offering” to Satan:

Hayden is great as the leader of this cult, but the film got off to a painful start for her!

On her first day of filming, Hayden cut her foot badly and had to be rushed to a local hospital for stitches. She said in an interview later that, due to being in costume and makeup for her devilish scene, some older folks at the hospital thought she was either an angel or a devil and that they had passed over!

According to director Piers Haggard the scene of the coven’s attack and rape of Cathy Vespers was completely unplanned and created mainly during the shooting.

It’s a creepy sequence that I can’t believe was created on the spot!

This is a great film for vintage horror buffs!

The Severin blu-ray has some great features with terrific stories about the film:

“Blood On Satan’s Claw” was just one of many great performances from Hayden:

As you can see, she was a “Cult Movie Queen” – but there was ONE film she regrets making!

Click on my story here to see which one it was!


I’m having a blast taking part in this month-long exploration of all things cult!

I shared this gem yesterday:

Yes, “Bare Behind Bars” is the wildest “women in prison” picture ever – click here to see proof, but here’s a tease:

That’s right: lots and lots of showers, a key staple for all “women in prison” films! See more here:


You can click here for more details about this special month-long exploration of all things cult cinema – it’s such a great website celebrating cult cinema from the greatest era of classic cult films in cinematic history!


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Let me know if you’ve seen “Blood On Satan’s Claw”, and if you enjoy this story please share on social media with your fellow film fanatics as well!

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  1. Linda was always good to look at, and ‘Satan’s Claw’ is a British classic! Good call, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Interesting you didn’t mention Ms. Hayden in “House on Straw Hill.”

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