Happy Birthday To Christina Lindberg! Celebrate With The “Queen Of Artsploitation’s” Most Provocative Films!

“I wanted to be more than just my body”

With those words, meet Christina Lindberg – one of the most beautiful Cult Movie Queens of all time!

But first, time for all cult film fans to shout out:


My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” blows out Christina’s candles and looks at the iconic “Queen Of Artsploitation’s” incredible career!

Christina Lindberg was born on December 6, 1950 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

A normal childhood quickly changed when she was discovered by local photographers…

A natural beauty, Christina began modeling while still in high school, posing in bathing suits for several newspapers before doing nude pictorials in such men’s magazines as Playboy and Penthouse – and as you can see, she was a natural!

Christina was the Penthouse Pet of the Month in June 1970 issue…and movies were just ahead.

Lindberg burst on the scene with a series of provocative films in the early 70’s from Europe – they were known as “artsploitation” films – as censorship restrictions were being loosened, “art” films from Europe broke all the rules and were massive hits:

Christina’s film debut was a starring role as the naive and virginal, yet enticing, 16-year-old innocent Inga in “Maid in Sweden” in 1971.

Next up was “Diary of a Rape” the same year, as Lindberg played young Lena, who is trapped in a complex web of sex and lies.

As you can see, American posters for the film played up the shocking nature of what could now be shown on screen!

She also appeared in “Schoolgirl Report Part 4: What Drives Parents to Despair”, a series of films supposed “torn from today’s headlines” that were designed to show parents just how much their kids wanted to have sex!

“The Swinging Co-eds” was another European sex comedy that showcased her natural beauty – one of the European films that flooded US Grindhouse theaters!

The following year, Lindberg starred in “Anita” and as you can see, Christina wasn’t afraid to put it all out there, and the hits just kept on coming…

Lindberg starred in such films as “Exposed”, which were marketed to highlight her popularity – and helped make her a worldwide star:

Meanwhile, she was also one of the most photographed Actress / Models in the world – appearing in dozens of magazine and building a huge fan base:

Through it all, she willingly “bared it all”, but realized that the nudity was overshadowing her goal to be taken seriously as an Actress – as she recently admitted:

“By that time, I had made around 20 movies, and all the directors were joking that the only person taking this job seriously was Christina Lindberg.”

Now, let’s talk about her two most famous films!

The shot on the right above is, of course, from her classic “Thriller: A Cruel Picture.”

Oh wait, it’s from her film “They Call Her One-Eye.”

No, it’s from her movie “Hooker’s Revenge.” Guess what’s – it’s all of them!

“Thrille: A Cruel Picture” is her most controversial shocker of them all – the story of a young woman who is kidnapped and forced into a life of prostitution!

The film is unflinching and graphic – a European “Death Wish” in tone and style – check out the trailer:

Lindberg gives perhaps her best performance – after trying to escape, she has her eye gouged out – but that won’t stop her!

After escaping, she trains herself and heads out to exact revenge! The film was so popular that Producers in the US kept changing the name and releasing it again and again!

Click here to read all about the multiple releases of this film under those different names and posters!


Her other classic film took her to Japan where she was hugely popular at the time, and she co-starred with Japanese Icon Reiko Ik in the action cult classic “Sex & Fury!”

What a combo! This is a cult masterpiece!

You can see the trailer for “Sex & Fury” and see more provocative pics by clicking on my story here:


Unfortunately, this marked the end of Christina’s career in film…she was disillusioned by the fact that a sleazy Producer added hardcore sex scenes to “Thriller”, and although they were clearly NOT her, it led her to question her future in film.

She is very candid about why she stopped acting and took a turn as a journalist – albeit one with no inhibitions!

“Then I came back to make Anita with Torgny, but once we started to work on The Intruders my partner became extremely jealous so I decided to stop. I took acting lessons but failed at the end and turned to writing instead. At first I did some “sauna” articles. I would do profiles of well-known people, they would take off their clothes, I would take off mine and pretended to write – right there in the sauna!”

She stopped making movies and built a different career for herself – but Quentin Tarantino never forgot her, using her “Thriller” character as inspiration for Daryl Hannah’s character in “Kill Bill Vol. 1!”

In the last few years, she has emerged again as the “Queen Of Artsploitation”, and has been given awards for her career achievements…bravo to her!

The Actress still looks stunning today, and Christina is a keen mushroom picker – in fact, in 1993 she made a 20-minute instructional short “Christina’s Mushroom School”!

She’s also an animal rights activist, an environmentalist, and a vegetarian. Christina Lindberg currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Happy Birthday Christina!

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18 replies

  1. Tarantino generated some retro interest in her with his Kill Bill character. She was certainly at the top of her game at one time. Nice tribute, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. A great look at a beautiful lady…well done chuq

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As cruel as this sounds, I was never a fan of Ms. Lindberg. In all her movies, at least those I have seen, she always had the same look on her face. It was as if she was looking down on her audience.



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