#Deucember Has “The Candy Snatchers!” This Gritty Grindhouse Classic Is The One Film Tiffany Bolling Regrets!

“Deucember” Continues!

It’s my favorite month of the year: for an entire month, the terrific Grindhouse Cinema Database website is showcasing “Deucember” – a month of classic Grindhouse films!

More on how you can take part later, but I need to post another “Grindhouse” classic…this one so gritty and dark that Actress Tiffany Bolling says it’s the one film she regrets making, so let’s have a look!

“This Is The One They’re Talking About!”

With that claim in the film’s trailer, “The Candy Snatchers” joins the list of the strongest, grittiest 70’s exploitation movies! And one that its lead Actress, Tiffany Bolling, regretted making!

The Candy Snatchers – 1973.

By the early 70’s, “grind house” movie theaters all across the US were showing “roughies” – gritty films that showed the worst of society – the films were at times awful, at times offensive…and at times pretty good!

Here is one of the better efforts – with a great plot, good action and strong performances!

Here is the plot of “The Candy Snatchers”:

16-year old “Candy” Philips (Susan Sennet, wife of singer Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash) is brutally abducted and buried alive in the hills of Southern California by a trio of amateur criminals hoping for a hasty ransom exchange.

One of the “Candy Snatchers” by the way is the great cult Actress Tiffany Bolling!

Here is the trailer:

“Take it easy, baby! You’re just bein’ kidnapped.”

Can’t argue with that!

Of course, nothing goes to plan, and the kidnappers have to plot more extreme ways to get their money…it’s a gritty grindhouse film that echoes the stark griminess of “The Last House On The Left.”

According to wikipedia, Bolling disowned the film:

Actress Tiffany Bolling has stated that she later came to regret making the film and that she had only done it for a paycheck. She further commented that “I was doing cocaine…and I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I was very angry about the way that my career had gone in the industry…the opportunities that I had and had not been given…. The hardest thing for me, as I look back on it, was I had done a television series, The New People, and so I had a lot of young people who really respected me and… revered me as something of a hero, and then I came out with this stupid Candy Snatchers movie… It was a horrendous experience.”

That being said, the film was recently remastered and released on a special edition DVD with bonus interviews- and is worth checking out if you want to see how gritty the early 70’s grind house films could be – Bolling had a great career in such films as “The Wild Party”, “Wicked Wicked” and the cult gem “Bonnie’s Kids!”

While Bolling didn’t like the plot of “Candy Snatchers”, this film, released the year before that one, had a somewhat similar premise: greed! Two rebellious sisters and a crooked P.I. attempt to escape from the girls’ mobster uncle with $400,000 in stolen loot, and meet nefarious characters while dodging a bickering pair of enforcers.

Bolling was in a number of good 70’s films like “Kingdom Of The Spiders”, and did a lot of television work as well – including three years on the hit TV series “Vega$!”

Bolling retired from the business in the late 90’s, but these films live on, including this classic slice of sleaze:

Bolling was terrific in this stalker slasher, and you can see the trailer by clicking on my story here:


Enjoying #Deucember so far?

You can click here for more details about this special month-long exploration of all things cult cinema – it’s such a great website celebrating cult cinema from the greatest era of classic cult films in cinematic history!


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Let me know if you’ve seen “The Candy Snatchers!”

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