The “One And Done” Career Of Monika Verbutaite! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her “Endangered Species” Shower! What Happened To Her?

Celebrating The Microscopic “One And Done” Career Of Monika Verbutaite!

Yes, the picture above is small because that’s literally the ONLY picture of Actress Monika Verbutaite that I can find – that doesn’t show her completely nude!

My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” has shared the stories of big stars like Ursula Andress, Helen Mirren and Elke Sommer – but also some of the most obscure Cult Movie Queens as well, like Monika!

Yes, this blurry shot is the best I can do to show an image of Monika – well, unless you want to see the full shot, which is this!

As regular readers know, I’m a bit obsessed with Cult Movie Queens to turn up in a single film, then disappear forever!

That seems to be the case with Monika Verbutaite, who has just one film credit in her bio – and nothing else – you know. the same as what she wore in most of her only film appearance!

“Endangered Species!”

Yes, this 2002 film was Monika’s ONLY screen appearance.

Eric Roberts stars. the plot is very straightforward: a killing machine from another world comes to Earth to kill humans.

Roberts performance however is completely overshadowed online by Monika’s completely nude shower!

It all begins with this photo, the very small one, that I found of her online:

A Post Workout Reveal!

If you enter Monika Verbutaite’s name on any film databases, it lists this movie as her only credit. And the images show what appears to be the entirety of her role.

After she works out, Monika heads into the locker room to undress:

Then, it was time for her to shower – and that is where I had no trouble finding lots of publicity stills for this film – in fact, these are the ONLY shots of Monika online!

So what happened to Monika? I can’t find any biographical information at all – nothing to let us know if she was a Model, if she did anything else in the entertainment industry, or if this was her “one and done” claim to fame!

Well, she aquits herself well, the camera clearly loves her – surprising she didn’t act more!

If anyone knows more, please leave a comment.

Monika’s not the only “one and done’ Actress I’ve profiled:

Bambi Woods – not her real name – is a pop culture Icon due to her single film credit in the adult classic “Debbie Does Dallas”!

Bambi was never seen again – here is the story of the enduring mystery surrounding who she was and where she went – just click here!

Here’s another gorgeous Actress who made a single, controversial film then disappeared forever!

Anne Sparrow was a beautiful blonde who found herself held captive by “The Sinful Dwarf!”

And yes, the film’s poster has it right – it is indeed “the mother of all dwarfsploitation films!”

Sparrow was never heard from again – what could have happened? Well, “DWARF happened” – and if you want to see more about this classic slice of “euro-sleaze”, just click on my story here:

And here’s an entire cast of a film that was “one and done”:

Yes, virtually this entire cast was never heard from again – but I tried! Click my story to find out who they were, and the only one who was ever seen again!

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Leave a comment with any information about Monika, or better yet, what you think of her one role!

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  1. I had never heard of her, and haven’t seen the film. But I would definitely like to see more of her! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Monika Verbutaite was in a TV show that’s was played in another region which was not English if I’m correct and the show goes by the name ‘Baltic Robinson’ and in other regions it also went by the name ‘survivor’ and I think it also did go by other names too. There are a lot of seasons of this show including spinoffs to this show and Monika was in the show around 2000 to 2001…but I’m pretty sure it’s 2001 and I know that you can find a bunch of seasons including spinoffs that are uploaded onto youtube or other video sites but it’s hard to find her in the correct one because the show went by many names as years went by but if we all work as a team we will find her and all it takes is very deep research. I will leave links below where you can find old news about her when it was near the time the show was aired that she appeared in…including links to photos and other stuff but you may have to translate some of these pages.

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