“Swinging” Andrea Rau! Her Most Provocative Euro-Sleaze Classics Here!

Celebrating The Arrival Of Euro-Sleaze To America!

As my “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” speeds to the end of the year, I have had a great time profiling well known stars and some more obscure Cult Movie Queens as well – like Andrea Rau!

Andrea was born in 1947 in Stuttgart, Germany.

She had more than 40 credits in both film and TV in her career, but most were German films, or European projects much less likely to be seen in America. At least, except for those that were lovingly known as “Euro-Sleaze!”

It all began at the end of the 60’s, when US movie theaters pushed the boundaries with edgy films from Europe that finally showed what exploitation posters had promised for years:

Andrea made a quick impression on audiences, baring all in two European films, titled provocatively for the US market!

Both “The Swinging’ Pussycats” and “Naughty Roommates” were released in 1969, just as drive-in theaters and grind houses were looking for films that had a “newly legal” taste for naked women!

In 1971, Rau starred in one of the best “erotic vampire” films that were suddenly the rage:

“Daughters Of Darkness!”

This was a hugely popular horror film, because it blended in liberal portions of sex and violence as well!

A newlywed couple are passing through a vacation resort. Their paths cross with a mysterious, strikingly beautiful countess and her aide.

Check out the trailer:

Andrea’s best moment came when she was found murdered – and quite naked – on the basement floor…

As ImDb.com noted, as she is laying nude on the floor, you can see tan lines, something you probably wouldn’t have seen in those days, but I don’t mind!

Her co-star was Danielle Ouimet, who was also one of my “2020 Sex Kittens”:

See more of this star’s great work by clicking on my story here:


Rau had quite a run throughout the 70’s in a number of erotic dramas and sex comedies, and she was always willing to bare all for the camera:

Among the films she made were 1972’s “Robinson and His Tempestuous Slaves” – what a title!

She was in “Beyond Erotica” in 1974, and “Expulsion From Paradise” in 1977.

Both featured her prominently in nude scenes.

Many of these films were never released in the US – many had their titles changed to appeal to broader audiences, but she just kept working and working and working…

Ultimately, she moved into TV roles in the 80’s, and then dropped out of the business.

Andrea Rau was no different than a number of Cult Movie Queens of that era: they became hugely popular when more adult films were coming to the US from overseas….

French Sex Kitten Joelle Coeur also had quite the career, and you can see all of it by clicking on my story here:


Italy also gave us a few terrific Actresses like Agostina Belli:

She was part of “The Sex Machine” and more! Click here to see them all:


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  1. I have only seen Daughters Of Darkness, but she was so stunning, with her short dark hair and wide mouth. Wonderful to watch.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Andrea Rau Was My Mystery”Swinging Pussycat”! Wild Cult Cinema Ads – With Cult Movie Queens Galore! – JR-Sploitation!

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