Lucy Pinder! This British Pin-Up Queen Has The World’s “Best Breasts!”

“My bikinis always feel like they’re about the snap open!”

And with that honest assessment, time to wish a big “Happy Birthday” to one of England’s natural treasures!

Celebrating Lucy Pinder’s 27th Birthday!

Lucy Pinder is one of England most popular Pin-Up Models, TV Personalities and empowered women. She’s smart, sexy and knows it!

Lucy was born in England on December 20 in 1983.

Lucy is hugely popular, and is candid when discussing herself, and in this case, her breasts:

“They always generated a reaction. When I was at school, just 13, I’d cram them into these white school shirts. Pupils and teachers just didn’t know where to look. Luckily I was calm about myself. I always felt quite comfortable being busty..”

She was always been completely open about herself – and what a way to begin her career! She was a college student on vacation sunbathing when she was “discovered” by a Photographer, who sent her photos in to a professional modeling contract with ‘Daily Star.’

She had been modeling for a few years when she decided to go for topless photo shoots, and this decision of hers proved to be a turning point in her career.

Lucy became a newspaper sensation.

She was hugely popular in the UK tabloid world, where magazines like this prominently featured her:

The World’s Best Breasts!

Pinder first appeared topless in ‘Nuts’ in 2007.

Those photos sent fans into frenzy – the Australian magazine ‘Ralph’ even declared that she had the “Best Breasts in the World!”

In 2007, readers of the Daily Star voted for her as having the “best breasts in Britain” with 49% of the vote.

Lucy headed into television and built a name for herself as a TV personality. Next up: cult cinema!

“Strippers vs Werewolves!”

The title of this 2012 horror film says it all!

Check out the trailer:

“Warrior Savitri”

Lucy also co-starred in this 2016 action spectacular – but let’s be honest, becoming a movie star didn’t seem to be her highest priority:

Her successful modeling career led to the Living TV’s series ‘I’m Famous and Frightened!. She was also on Sky Sports as a celebrity “Soccerette” on ‘Soccer AM’ and was a contestant on ‘Weakest Link’ as well.

Next up, Lucy became a presenter on the ‘Nuts TV Live’ show…but even with all of these wild and revealing credits, Lucy was much more than just a Model…

When she was 21, Lucy graduated from Cambridge with a Philosophy degree!

She told Nuts magazine that she loved her body, and keeping it nicely tanned:

“It’s something about feeling the sun on your body that’s been hidden away for the winter – it feels kind of sexy. And I think everyone looks a bit healthier – glossier, almost. Evolution-wise, it probably explains why we feel a bit saucier. I think I’m equally frisky whatever the season though”

So Happy Birthday Lucy Pinder, bravo on a a great career!

She reminds me of another British Tabloid favorite:

Kelly Brook is also a popular actress, Model and TV star – and you can click here to see her most revealing roles:

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22 replies

  1. There was a time when Lucy seemed to be everywhere over here. I have never watched those films, or her TV appearances, but she is undeniably great to look at!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I agree with the Aussies….best breasts. chuq

    Liked by 1 person


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