Cult Movie Queen Lara Wendel’s Provocative Career! My “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her Most Controversial Roles!

Looking At The Provocative Career Of Lara Wendel!

All year long, I’ve highlighted the work of some of cult cinema’s most interesting stars…and certainly one of the most controversial was Lara Wendel – she made some very provocative films and then retired!

This German Actress was born in 1965 in Munich as Daniela Rachele Barnes.

Lara got into the entertainment industry very young, making her debut at just four years old as a model for newspaper ads, and at the age of seven she made her film debut in the giallo “My Dear Killer” in 1972.

She also appeared in “Manhunt” in 1972, a crime thriller directed by Fernando Di Leo.

Her controversial screen appearances began when she starred in a provocative film in 1977:


Wendel was just 12 years old when she starred in this film, which involved both nudity and simulated sex among preadolescents…

As describes the plot: A teen boy grows from playing and fighting with his German-shepherd dog, to playing kids and adult games with two equally young girls, in a dream-like forest which eventually turns eerie, and somber.

IMDB also points out that “Maladolescenza” is currently still banned in Germany and the Netherlands due to the film’s content involving pre-teens…

According to wikipedia, Lara also appeared in more controversial films in the years that followed, such as “Little Girl in Blue Velvet” in 1978, “Mimi” in 1979, and “Desideria: la vita interiore” in 1980.

She starred in a number of foreign films that I found posters for – check these out!

In the 1980s Wendel was mainly active in horror films, working with Dario Argento in his classic Gallo thriller “Tenebrae!”

Here is the trailer:

It’s another classic Argento slasher film, with a great cast!

Wendel went on to work with another great Italian Director, Lamberto Bava for the film called “You Will Die At Midnight”, released in 1986.

Here is that trailer:

Lara also worked with the notorious Joe D’Amato – “Killing Birds” AKA “Zombi 5” – a 1988 Italian horror film starring Lara and Robert Vaughn. A husband returns from the Vietnam war to find his wife in bed with her lover and so he slaughters the whole family, sparing the newborn son. After the massacre, he is attacked by and blinded by a falcon!

Here is that trailer:

I discovered Lara in the wild horror film “Ghosthouse” from 1988 – a quirky but effective thriller about an evil young girl who is cursed to live for eternity in a remote house – with only a wooden doll as her friend!

The film is pretty good, and she has a mesmerizing quality on screen – beautiful in a somewhat haunted way…

Lara Wendel’s career is fascinating to me: she made more than 20 films, with her last being the erotic drama “Husband and Lovers” in 1991 – then she retired at just 26 years old!

Lara made some compelling films, and was controversial at a young age, just as this Cult Movie Queen was:

Marie Liljedahl starred in some wild cult films like “Inga!” and “Eugenie” – click her to see those and more:

Another controversial Cult Actress was Victoria Vetri:

Her photo went to the moon, and she went to prison!

Click here to read her wild story:

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  1. The only one I have seen is ‘Tenebrae’, and I can understand why her early films are still very controversial. Just shows what you could ‘get away with’ back then.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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