Celebrating Julie Strain’s Birthday…Paying Homage To This Iconic Star Who Was The “Queen Of The B-Movie…”

Celebrating The Career Of Julie Strain…

Today would have been Julie Strain’s 60th birthday – sadly, we lost her last year…

Julie was born in Concord California on February 18 1962, and amassed a list of more than 130 credits across film, TV, animation and more…

Julie Strain’s story has many great career highs and some devastating personal lows, so I want to celebrate the career of legendary sex kitten Julie Strain, by highlighting some of her best movies and pop culture moments!

Strain was a big star of cult films in the 80’s and 90’s – and she loved her career. As she said:

“I love being the queen of B movies. It’s like staying in high school forever and being crowned prom queen every year.”

Love that quote!

Strain was 6 ft 1, and had an exotic beauty the camera loved…

Julie became a pop culture Icon when she was the Penthouse Pet of the Month in June 1991.

She was later chosen as the magazine’s Pet of the Year in 1993. She then took on a wide variety of films: from comedy to horror, sci-fi and more – here are a few of her most famous…

Julie starred in dozens of “B” movies like “Sex Court” in 1998, “Double Impact” in 1991, and “Battle Queen 2020” in 2001.

She also did voice acting – she was the main character in the animated movie “Heavy Metal 2000”.

Julie also had a wildly successful career as a model.

As for being nude, Strain loved it. As she said:

“For me, posing in the nude is art. I take pride in my body and work out five days a week. To be chosen as [Penthouse] Pet of the Year when I was 31 was truly a blessing. I did their first video and CD-ROM. That year gave me the seed money to start my career. Most of my friends are centerfolds. I think sexy women rule the planet.”

And how about this role: Julie was in the great cult gem “Psycho Cop 2: Psycho Cop Returns” – here’s the trailer:

Yes, that’s “Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration” – Actor Robert Shafer stars in the film, who went on to play the iconic Bob Vance in “The Office!”

Julie also starred in the Andy Sidaris action film “Fit To Kill”:

These action thrillers were full of stunts, empowered women who liked to kick ass, and lots of skin as well…perfect drive-in movies that were also hugely popular VHS rentals at the time:

Roberta Vasquez starred alongside Julie, and you can see more of her credits as well by clicking on mystery story here:


Julie became a published Author in 1997, when Heavy Metal released her autobiography with the terrific title:

“Six Foot One and Worth the Climb.”

She also had a great sense of humor – she appeared in a number of mainstream films and also starred in “Buck Naked Golf!”

Julie’s Tragic Accident…

In the midst of a great career, tragedy struck when Julie was seriously injured in a horseback riding accident. As wikipedia reports:

“Much of her youth was wiped from her memory, as she suffered a case of retrograde amnesia due to a severe head injury suffered in a fall from a horse. In November 2018 it was announced that she was in the late stages of dementia, believed to be a result of that injury, and was receiving hospice care at home.”

I know that all fans will mourn this loss, as everyone who met her said she was funny, gracious and sweet – one of our legendary sex kittens!

Julie starred with number of other great “Cult Movie Queens” of the 80’s and 90’s like Antonia Dorian, who was also one of my “2020 Sex Kittens”:

You can see the films they made together by clicking on mystery story here…

Who Loves Antonia Dorian? I Do! From “Dinosaurs” To Julie Strain And “The Bare Wench” Too!

India Allen worked with Strain on a disastrous Troma project – see more here:

Playmate/Actress India Allen! This “Rowdy Girl” Starred With Julie Strain And Ended Up In “The Crapper!”

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Leave a comment with your favorite Julie Strain movie – happy birthday to this Icon…

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  1. Big, big, big fan of the late Ms. Strain. Wish I’d had the opportunity to meet her.

    Here’s a great interview with her: https://www.mrskin.com/julie-strain-the-mr-skin-interview—1055

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