The Wild Career Of “Best Body” Debi Sue Voorhees! This “2021 Sex kitten Countdown” Has Jason Voorhees’ Wife!

“Friday The 13th” – Did Jason Voorhees Have A Wife?

You can be forgiven for wondering, especially when Debi Sue “Voorhees” starred in a film with him! That name actually helped her get a role in the iconic horror series!

My “2021 Sex kitten Countdown” celebrates this Actress – who did so much more as well!

Deborah Voorhees has lived a colorful life, including acting as “Debi Sue” Voorhees – a great career in film before becoming a Journalist, Filmmaker and Writer!

Her “Best Body” Playboy Past!

Voorhees was born in 1961 in Amarillo, Texas.

When she was 19 years old, Deborah won the award for “Best Body” in Texas and then worked as a Playboy Bunny at the Dallas Playboy Club from 1980 to 1982.

With that award, it was time to head to Hollywood!

For the next few year, Deborah acted in several minor roles in movies and TV shows, building up a list of credits while waiting for her big break – which happened when the iconic kill Jason Voorhees came calling!

Using Her Name To Get An Audition!

As Deborah continues to work, she got an audition for the latest installment in an iconic horror franchise…and she had the best connection of all!

Deborah shared the same last name as Jason Voorhees, which she says helped her get an audition for “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.” As she said:

“I went in for an audition and one of the things that caught their eye on my photo was that I had the same last name as Jason. Nowadays, I don’t really get recognized, but some people freak out when they see my last name. I tell them Jason Voorhees is my husband…and that it’s a real bitch getting blood stains out of his laundry.”

She goes on to say:

“I look back on Friday the 13th with fondness….it is kind of neat that so many people do really enjoy them (the film series).”

Deborah’s Nude Fallout!

She was also asked once if she regretted appearing nude in the film – and admits it has hurt her post-film career:

“I have had some tough times because of that decision, such as being judged unfairly and not being allowed to teach (one of my passions) in high school. I taught British Literature, English, grammar, and journalism in high school for four years. Two school boards exiled me because of it. At one school, some boys got a hold of the tit shots from the film and text messaged them around the school. This was three weeks before my seniors graduated and I wasn’t allowed to stay through the end or sit with my students and fellow teachers at graduation. I still went to graduation and sat in the stands with the public. When the public was allowed to go down to congratulate the kids, I held my head high and tried to find as many of my seniors as possible to congratulate them. That was hurtful, but after only four years I have so many students who have let me know I have made a difference for them.”

And what about this story?

As you can see from the news coverage, she made headlines because she sold nude photos of herself to pay for a trip overseas!

Debi Sue knew how to make headlines, but at some point she decided to stop acting.

Voorhees then built an entirely new career, working as a journalist covering arts and entertainment at The Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Modern Luxury Magazine and Front Desk Magazine – and has also taught British Literature and journalism in Texas and New Mexico as well as Acting for Film at ENMU.

In 2014, Voorhees released her first full-length feature film “Billy Shakespeare”, and she also makes appearances at film festivals – when the pandemic allows them to take place.

Bravo to Deborah on her career – she was one of several who popped in classic horror films:

Heather Langenkamp appeared in a “Nightmare On Elm Street” film and had a few other provocative roles as well!

Check them out here:

These two weren’t the only Actresses who made an impression working in a horror films:

Cult Movie Queen Monica Keena also took on Jason – as well as Freddy!

Click here to see her career in the horror genre as well:

And here’s the story of an Actress best remembered for her ONLY horror film role:

Anna Falchi is best known for her revealing work in the film “Cemetery Man” – and you can see all of her provocative roles by clicking on my story here:

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Bravo to Deborah Voorhees on her terrific career!

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  1. Well done to her for getting out of the industry, and changing to journalism and teaching. That shows that it can be done, if you want it enough.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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