“Candy Strip Nurse” Robin Mattson! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has “Bonnie’s Kid” And Her Wildest Cult Films!

Celebrating One Of “Bonnie’s Kids” Who Was A “Candy Stripe Nurse” Too!

One of the pleasures of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is going back to some of the classic cult films of the 70’s to celebrate the Cult Movie Queens of that era – and that certainly includes Robin Mattson!

Robin was born in 1956 in Los Angeles, California as Robin Christy Mattson.

This successful Actress starred in terrific cult films, TV shows and more throughout a long career!

Robin got her start early, acting in the legendary daytime soap opera “General Hospital” in 1963, and also starred in “All My Children” in 1970.

However, it’s the “soapy” cult films of the following decade that caught my eye, beginning with this slice of exploitation from 1972:

“Bonnie’s Kids”

First of all, Amazon Prime has this film right now! Robin stars along with Tiffany Bolling, and it’s a gritty 70’s gem.

Robin and her older sister – “Bonnie’s Kids”, decide to get away from their lecherous step-father, and hit the road where they ultimately get involved with some dangerously crooked schemes:

“You’re A Dyke, A Lesbian…A SQUARE!”

Yes, that’s dialogue form the film!

Mattson has some really wild scenes, like when her Stepmother tries to seduce her, leading Robin to denounce her with those words above…oh, that causes the distraught Stepmom to shoot herself!

Yes, after that awkward encounter, Robin leaves the room just long enough for the Stepmom to do herself in – leading to another hilarious moment!

Robin hears the shot, enters the room to see the dead body, and mutters:

“What a creep…”

This wild moment is just the beginning – the film gets even wilder from there!

Tiffany Bolling stars as well – she’s the older Sister who comes up with a really wild plan to get some money for both of them to escape forever…

Bolling is great as always.

This great Cult Actress loved all of her films – except one!

Click here to see which movie is was, and why Tiffany hated it so much!


Next up for Mattson was a cult film that looked at the provocative lives of Nurses!

“Candy Stripe Nurses”

This 1974 Roger Corman production tells the story of Nurses and their adventures…check out the trailer if you don’t believe me:

Robin does a great job in the film, which is a soapy, drive-in T&A driven drama about the wild life of Nurses…it was a popular trend in the 70’s:

Candice Rialson was also in the film, and she had a terrific cult career as well…you can see more of her provocative performances, including the legendary “Chatterbox!” by clicking on my story here:


Mattson also appeared in a gritty action film the next year:

“Return To Macon County”

This 1975 action thriller stars a very young Nick Nolte and Don Johnson as well!

Check out the trailer:

These were all terrific 70’s cult films, and while making these movies, Robin continued to work in TV as well.

In the late 80’s, she appeared in another erotic thriller:

“Take Two” was a 1988 thriller On her deathbed a woman tells her son that 30 years before she had been a surrogate mother for a millionaire, and that he is that baby’s identical twin.

Mattson went on to appear for decades in US Soap Operas – bravo to her on a great career that gave us some terrific Grindhouse hits!

Robin wasn’t the only mainstream Star who took a detour into cult cinema:

Linda Blair may have starred in “The Exorcist” as a young girl, but she certainly turned heads later in her career with sexy photo shoots and films like “Savage Streets” – click here to see more of her wild career!


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Let me know if you’ve seen any of Robin’s cult films!

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  1. More films I have never seen, though Nolte didn’t change that much! You keep finding them, John. Well done!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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