The Legendary Adult Actress Lisa de Leeuw! This Fiery Red-headed “Lioness” Makes My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown!”

Meet Fiery Redhead Lisa de Leeuw!

One of the fun parts of doing the “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is discovering some of the more obscure Adult Movie Queens from the “golden age of porn!”

Here’s a perfect example: I didn’t know Illinois-born Lisa De Leeuw – who got into porn because of a boyfriend who managed a movie house that showed X-rated films!

In her almost decade long career, Lisa made more than a hundred films of all lengths, and her signature was a lion-head pendant that she wore around her neck in almost all her films and pictorials.

The Story Behind The “Lioness!”

Here’s what that special necklace meant: her surname De Leeuw is Dutch for “The Lion.” So that pendant was her “Lioness” signature!

Oh, she was known for something else as well:

Her Eye-Popping Figure!

Yes, Lisa de Leeuw is a vivacious redhead – and the camera loved her!

According to her online bio, she was reluctant to dive into the world of adult films, but eventually decided to give it a shot, and made her debut in 1978 in “Stranger In Town”. She was credited as “Redhead In Pool!”

She appeared the next year in the classic adult film “800 Fantasy Lane” with an all-star cast.

Here’s the plot for this XXX-rated film: two lowly gas pump attendants pose as oil magnates in order to gain entry into the exclusive Hollywood Star Realty … where the real estate agents are gorgeous, sexy starlets!

As you can see, she “popped” on camera!

She quickly became a favorite with fans, who appreciated her lush body, wild mane of red hair and voracious performances.

“October Silk”

For this 1980 film she went by the name Lisa DeLeuew, but the results were the same – the camera loved her! She also ended up in men’s magazines as well!

“The Girl From SEX!”

All I could find out about the plot of this film is that Lisa plays “Agent 38-DD!”

Of course she does!

Next up for Lisa was a great takeoff of a popular film at the time…

“8 To 4!”

This 1981 film was a spoof of the Dolly Parton film “9 To 5” – and is filled with all the action you want from a sex comedy!

Another film from the same year was an award winner for the Adult Actress:

A police detective tries to help a top-class prostitute find out who is killing her fellow colleagues.

Lisa’s work in the film was acclaimed, and she won the Adult Film Critics Award for Best Actress!

After continuing to act in adult films for several more years, she left the business in 1987.

I couldn’t find out much about her life after adult films, but she left a great legacy for fans.

She reminded me of another redhead who had a terrific cult film career:

Sharon Kelly starred in a number of cult films before changing her name to Colleen Brennan and doing XXX-rated work…see her story by clicking here:

Another Actress achieved fame by acting in some of the greatest adult films of the 70’s:

Georgina Spelvin is an Icon, and her work from that “golden age of adult film” is timeless…cleick here to see all of her greatest films:

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  1. Nice to see a redhead who was as popular as the ubiquitous blondes. She was certainly a stunner, John!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Her real name was Lisa Trego. She’s from Orion, Illinois. She graduated from Orion High School in 1977. She died from AIDS through drugs although there are rumors saying that she’s still alive and living in North Carolina.

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